Going to the LA auto show

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  1. Well the fam and I are going to the LA auto show again this year. Can't wait to see the new Mustang and the GT40. Should be a major kick.

    How many of you attend the big car shows like Detroit, LA.....? Are you going this year?
  2. All I can say is take a bunch of pictures of the new mustang for us! Have fun!
  3. the LA auto show is in the first week of Jan right? im going again thats for sure :D
  4. Jan 2 - 11

  5. I don't think the new production mustang is going to be there, just the concept car, right? I just don't want anyone to go thinking the production one will be there and get disappointed.
  6. I'm assuming the production model will be there. With actual pics out now I see no reason to keep it under wraps. But, if it's not there I suspect there will plenty of other iron to lust after.
  7. Yes, I agree there will be much to eye.
    According to Tyler's Fantasy Forum (AKA the SN 2005+ Mustang forum) the unveiling of the Production Model is January 4-6, 2004, at the North American International Auto Show. I have been checking the LA site and others to see if one will appear after that at LA but have come up with nothing.
  8. I believe according to BON and brad's site it will also have the production mustang at the L.A. show.
  9. DO you have any links? I know it is debuting at the NAIAS jan 4-6 so I was hoping it would show up at LA after that. I haven't found any info on the LA show though. Links would be much appreciated so I can schedule my visit when it's there.
  10. hey, i'll be there... feel free to leave me a number and we can meet up...
  11. what day are all of you going?
    i went on the second day last year i remember seeing the gto, concept bel air, tonka f150 , tomahawk, the batmobile :hail2: :rlaugh:
  12. there is a rumor that ford will have one there, and will display it they day after then NAIAS. however, there is nothing to back this rumor up. :shrug:
    what are the la autoshow dates? oh thru the 11th.
    I'll be there on the last weekend.
  13. The last weekend is also looking good for me and the fam. We usually go with some friends "GM People" but somehow nice. Gotta check with their schedule. If we can't hook up with them, we'll probably take the day off and go down during a week day. A little less commotion that way.
  14. We are thinking of going to Detriot, but it's a good 4 hour drive each way, and requires crossing the canadian border. We'll see, but every time we go, there is a huge back up at the bridges lately...
  15. Well, I went the first saturday. No new mustang. They had a couple of 6 cylinders and a red mach. But then there was the GT. White with blue stripes and prettiest thing at the show. It is so much more muscular than other exotics. What a car. I also sat in the new GTO, I like it better in person than in pics and the back seat is usable for kids and smaller adults. Unfortunately the seat was all of the way back and at a giant 5'8" I couldn't get to a comfortable seating position. Seemed nice though.

    Dodge had a truck they called the "Rumble Bee" Hemi engine, yellow paint with the black stripe around the bed with a little Bee logo. Very similar to the old super bee paint. Good looking truck, but it was lookie no touchie.

    My 3 year old went and hung in like trooper for 7 hours of mad walking around. He wants to know everything about the cars, so I tell him what I know. Funny as hell, he's caught on to the use of numbers and letters for nomenclature, so he just makes up whatever sounds right for him. "Dad, that's a corvette truck with a lz9 motor, it's a bad ride huh?" Turns out it's the new Mazda 6 wagon. But it's cool that he has an interest. Occasionally he actually remembers.

    It was a nice time and the wife is already talking about going later next year. If we do I think we're going to go a bit later. They seem to bring out more cars as the week goes on.