Gonna be in the market for a newer stang, need pics

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  1. Some of you may have seen my thread about my car getting wrecked and i'm gona be in the market for another 2001-2004 mustang. I was lookin for some pics to help me make a decision on color and wether to get another vert or a hard top.

    ps. suggestions on transmission also would be cool :SNSign: thanks
  2. You should start by trying to find a Mach 1 and work your way down from there! Comp orange or sonic blue are good colors.
  3. god i wish i could get a comp orange mach 1
  4. The link to my page has pics of mine....don't get yellow though! Go True Blue or DSG! Go with the 5spd too! The vert or ht is really a matter of preference....the ht is more solid, but the vert has the styling of it being a vert. Check the pic sticky up top too. Good luck!
  5. why not yellow i was actually thinking about getting yellow
  6. Performance red for teh win. :D.. Its all pretty much preference. As DocG2828 said, there is a sticky at the top, check that out, pretty much all our cars are on there. You can get an idea of which color you like the best. and got to get a 5 speed, there more fun to drive :D
  7. performance red indeed. check my car.
  8. i'd say go with something metallic. flat colors tend to look kinda dull unless you got some snazzy rims lol like BBURNA.

    DSG, Sonic Blue, True Blue and Laser Red all look awesome because of the metallic flakes and color changing ability in different lighting. Black looks badass also :D



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  9. Its not a bad color, just not as "tough" as some of the other colors. Although I think mine will look pretty flashy once I get some chrome 18" saleens!
  10. i am really leaning tword yellow or possibly a bullet if i can find one
  11. well i guess all this talk was worthless i just got a call from the insurance adjuster and he says its repariable. I know this thing will never run correctly now