Good 4-lug wheels?

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  1. I cant seem to find any decent four lug wheels besides Cobra Rs... but I really want something different. Any sites out there that have a good selection?

    Five lug conversion right now would solve that problem, but the cost of new wheels/tires/brakes and the downtime for my daily driver isnt an option right now.
  2. ponys...bst stock looking wheels ever put on a fox...

    03 cobras look damn good too!
  3. ROH makes some great 4 lug wheels. check out american muscle and see what they have in stock.

  4. +1

    They make them in 4 and 5-lug, but they are the best looking wheels i've seen.

    I'd love some 17" ROH ZS's
  5. :nice: That's where I got mine. Tires and wheels, $800 bucks even, free shipping!
  6. I love my ROH ZS wheels, 17x8.5 up front and 17x9.5 out back

  7. Flava your wheel/tire combo is absolutely perfect. I love that ratio of tire to rim. I really don't like the huge rims with little rubber band tires, and i don't like how 15s have so much tire in relation to the rim. What size tires are you running? Those rears look pretty big, any rubbing issues or have you rolled the lips and hammered on stuff?
  8. Thanks 85sscoupe

    I run Nitto 555R drag radials, 275/40R17 no rolled fenders or anything other than flipped quad shocks. I will get a rub if I go into a corner REALLY hard and hit any bumbs through the corner.
  9. Mine are Saleen replica's. You will need 1/4" wheel spacers on front to clear. I put the spacers on rear as well just to make it look even. I think they were like $160.00 ea.????? Im running 275/40z17 outta rear and 245/45Z17 outta front. Wheels are 17X9 on all corners.

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  10. Anything but Pony's.......................... I have 2 sets that need to go bye,bye on the cheap!
  11. ROH ZS's FTW.

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  12. if you were close I would take them....

    for the orginal question....TURBINES FTMFW
  13. I want a Pace Car so bad ............(runs away crying screaming its not fair)
  14. are you joking?

    and why don't I see americal muscle selling ROHs
  15. ROHZSFTMFW!!!!!
  16. As far as 15" rims go, I gotta agree, Turbines are :nice:

    For 16's, I'm still partial to Pony rims. You can always paint 'em black with a polished lip, if you'd like something a bit different. I've got just the centercap painted black on mine, as it sort of ties in with the overall black-and-white scheme on my '86 GT 'vert...
  17. i have chrome ponies on my gt, they were on it when i bought it, but if it came with stock wheels itd be weld draglites or nothing, the pro stars look sexy too but you have to have them custom made if you dont wanna do 5 lug conversion
  18. Centerline use to have some slick 4 lug wheels. I would go to your local tire & wheel shop and tell them what you have. Most shops are willing to do the leg work and find what is available for you. IF They want your $ they will!
  19. I'm going to be offering my Pony's for sale in a month or two... just a heads up in case anyone is considering some. I live in SE Wisconsin. The tires have about two thousand miles on them. The wheels are pristine.. only 35k on the car.

    I don't know what they're worth until I look around though... any idea?

    sorry for the slight hijack...
  20. The only good looking 4 lug wheel with exposed lug nuts is the 03 Cobra wheel. All the others look stupid. Pony R's are good too. Added diametere and width, with the stock look and non exposed lug nuts.