Good 4-lug wheels?

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  1. Some would say the same about gentlement who run mailorder aftermarket chips....and list them with 'cai's' as mods ;)....oh schwing :canada:
  2. OH, I'm sorry I'm not rich. F-ing A. Is that the best you can come up with? Frick. Like I said it's my opinion and you get on my case about it. I got it for free and I'm grateful for that. At least I'm not putting down who makes my aftermarket exhaust. so just STFU about people who cant afford to rebuild their entire freaking engine.

  3. Wow little gots some trash mouth there don't ya....woooooow....woooooooooohhhhhh......My sig is for your stated..."custom cams" baby....that's a joke bro....the sig is a joke....but unfortunately you didn't get it. As for your defensiveness...that I get....your an angry guy I guess...BOY...WOOOOW>>>>>HOLY SMOKES......oooooh my......wooosh...dayum.....ppffft. Next you'll be all over me for my "caddy interior conversion":rlaugh:
  4. Calm down everyone. Don't want to have to close the thread down over silly bickering.

  6. I like these. When I was buying wheels it was a toss up between ROHs or those deep dish Rs. I ended up getting a good deal on the ROHs.

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  7. ....I will leave you with my only question. Do your 10 spokes coming into 4 lugs make it twice as extremly gay?:shrug:

    You have a nice looking vert, and the wheels fit in with you car but they just don't do it for me dude. It's fine though, its YOUR with it what you like:nice:
  8. Hmm some people get a little sensetive about their cars here...

    79 thank god you chose those wheels. They make your car look killer!
  9. I only see the ROH ZS in a 5 lug at the link posted.The ZC's best looking 4 lug rims for fox other than Draglights.
  10. OK! OK! Ive heard enough Im gonna have to defend my Mustang guy I think the gt500 rims are nice and yes they canbe ugly It all depends on what kinda of car it goes on, Of course this is only my opinion. Also I think the gt500 rims are an adquired taste that you have to look for. heres my defense.

    By isaacconde at 2007-08-01

    By isaacconde, shot with DXG 409 at 2007-07-21

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  11. I figured someone would say that, and its completely different. I like the Cobra/GT500's because there's a circle where the spokes end, and where the lugs are. What I dont like about the ROH's is how the 4 lugz go into the spokes.
    Here's an example of what I mean:

    View attachment 341395
    I just dont like how the lugs fit in with the design, and cut into it so badly. The 5-lugs arent so bad, but I just really dont like the 4's.

    View attachment 341397
    On the GT500's you dont notice it as much.

    But again, to each his own. I'm not trying to put you guys down because you hate my wheels...I honestly don't care because I like 'em, and so do girls. I'm just expressing why I dont like the ROH zs's.

    Oh, and thanks for the backup izak.
  12. You wheels are fine..I like the GT picks equiped with those wheels. I however do not enjoy the red ring you have in the last pic...I think it clashes with the white vert theme IMO..
  13. I agree. The ZS Racing wheel is absolutely perfect for his car.
  14. Darn. I was thinking of modding that onto my wheels somehow.

    LOL. So we're cool? Sorry about exploding. I've had a rough day. All the drama on Stangnet this past week is killing me.
  15. :rlaugh: When events on StangNet start to affect your personal life, you need to take a break.

  16. Hope this isnt too far OT, but if someone made these deep dish 03's in 4-lug they would be on my car in a second, even more so if they were machined.




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  17. How about 93 Cobra wheels???
  18. Well your just the friendly type.:notnice:

    **walkn out of the room with a finger raised stating your #1***