Good 4-lug wheels?

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  1. You know, looking at those pictures I know exactly what your saying. Bottom line most of us will not be happy till were sportin' 5 lugs!
  2. X5

    5-lug all the fox's and avoid this issue all together! :D
  3. More deep dish cobra r's.......17x8 and 17x9


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  4. I happened to agree that 4 lugs and 5 spokes just doesn't look right.

    But i also think that the Roh's are the best at pulling it off.
    I think the indented star in the center provides the necessary camoflauge for the lack of one lug.
    If i had to use a 4 lug rim, it would be the roh's, a while back they had a black set with a red lip that were pretty cool.

    I don't like any of the cobra rims in 4 lug.
  5. ^probably the truest thing I've heard all day. LOL
  6. k. My Vote:




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  7. They have them in 5 lug.
  8. PoopDog- Your car is soooo clean looking, I like it!
  9. ty. I like it too :D
  10. LOL......I figured!
  11. I agree with you completely. There is something klutzy about a 5 spoke wheel and only 4 lug nuts. It just doesn't look right...
  12. That's why all Foxes should just go 5-lug :)

    In 20 years, nobody would even know they were all 4lug since every fox would be converted by then!
  13. i got mine from discount tire direct, they actually had a good selection of 4 lug at the time. Centerlines are nice too, used to have a set
  14. Yes!!! They definately look good! And no exposed lugs!!:nice:
  15. photodisplay.jpg

    I 2nd the 93 cobra wheels for 4 lugs.

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  16. Go to Summit Racing's web site. They have a good selection for 4-lug, plus you can search by rim size , vehicle, back spacing, bolt pattern etc...
    Summit makes copies of Weld Draglites and Prostars in 4-lug for a really good price. I bought 15x7 US Wheel 4- lugs that kind of look like draglites for my slicks for $49.00 each.
    Weld Rodlites come in 4-lug.
    Centerline makes 4-lug.
    Bogart's are cool, but they are big bucks!

    Here's some links

    Good luck
    Hope this helps
  17. POSSUM!

    I love those ROH's. I had Cobra R's but never replaced them because I knew I'd swap to 5-lugs eventually, so I just left them on until I did just that.