good-bye cobra hello ws6

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 98*SVT-vert, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Yes... I took a ridedown to a dealer and saw a nice push rod car. Took it for a ride and was very surprised at the HP it put out stock. so I must say good bye to all....
  2. WS6's are cool in my book. Its good to see you're staying with American muscle

  3. ...moving to "talk" instead. Congrats. :cheers:
  4. ws6 is a nice car ...i was a very close to buying a ram air myself...but very glad i didnt had to stay true to the blue oval plus my first race was with a ram air 6 speed and i got him by a half a that insured me i made the rit choice even if that race came down to the driver....

    good luck!!! :flag:
  5. Let us know when the rust and rattles start to get to you. :nonono:
  6. And the Lovely electrical problems.......

    But I guess they would be the next best thing. At least it isn't a Honda.
  7. Did the dealer throw in a complimentary mullet? :D

    ...sorry, couldn't resist.
  8. It is likely a very nice car, and if that is the best choice for you, then I'm happy for ya. The 99 T/A I had didn't rattle, didn't leak, and didn't have any electrical problems.

    Best of luck, and enjoy your new car.
  9. 98 yeller SVT
    I am not from Tennessee......but he did ask if i wanted a hair cut! I thought it sounded funny to me ....NOW I understand!!!
  10. Bob .... you are telling the truth aren't you?
  11. Yessir. I had a few problems with my T/A - but no more than I have had with the Mustangs I've owned. I really loved the T-tops, and I'm a big fan of the LS1. There were what I call "personal preference" things I didn't like it - such as the seating position, visibility, physical size of the car, etc - but in my opinion, it was a well-built and certainly a fast car.

    If I'm BS'ng ya, or being sarcastic, I'll be a bit more obvious. :)
  12. Its a nice car.. I personally like the Stangs better, I hope you got the 6 speed
  13. WS6 is a damn nice car. Congradulations!! :cheers:
  14. Ah, i dont like the looks. The back end looks retarded. Plus the chassis is really loose. With the t-tops off in my friends firehawk you could feel the whole body twist during cornering.
  15. Of all Fbods, you got the nicest one. Congrats!
  16. Congrats :nice: My wife loves her WS6 and I like it also, but I would never even consider trading my Cobra for one. Have fun with it and just to let you know my wife has never had a single problem with hers she just hit 50k. BTW hers is the M6.
    Jeff B.
  17. Stock up on the duct-tape :nice:
  18. If you're gonna ditch the Cobra......might as well do it for a car that DOES get a lot of respect.

    No harm, no foul.
  19. Nice choice and congrats. My 95 z28 is starting to get squeaks, but it may have to do with 383rwhp and driving on dr's on the street. I need to install my SFC's.
  20. RealQuick, why have you chosen just 3:73's for your car?

    You have the M6, I would have easily gone 4:30's...esp since you are on DR's daily.

    Just curious thats all.