good-bye cobra hello ws6

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 98*SVT-vert, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Well, for the stock 10 bolt rearend, the highest gear offered is the 4.10's. I chose 3.73's for two reasons:

    It will allow me to run 125mph in the 1/4 before shifting to 5th.

    It allows me to have better chances when doing rolling races.

    I am in the mnidst of iunstalling a vortech S trim and alcohol injection kit, so 125mph should be attainable in April.
  2. Well, you'll never have to get a room at a motel on long trips, you'll just have to bring a blanket and you can sleep on the dash...
  3. well good luck on your new puchase... is it an M6 or A4? either way nice....
  4. I traded in my 01 WS6 for an 03 Cobra and couldnt be happier. It costs an arm and a leg to mod a WS6 and for $3k in mods my Cobra kills Z06's.
  5. So stock to stock how would you compare the Performance of your old WS6 to your new Stock 03 Cobra and any other positive and negative feedback on either car you can share...
  6. Stock for stock the WS6 is easier to hook up and the Hurst shifter is much better than the POS in the Cobra. On the other hand once you learn to launch the Cobra it will reel in the WS6 pretty fast. The ram air hood on the WS6 is mean looking, while the Cobra is a sleeper. A lot of f-body and vette owners thinks its just another mustang. But since most Cobra owners mod thier cars after the break-in period its really an academic question.
  7. Man, That is Hilarious! Those dashes DO go on forever! I had a '93 Formula and man that was a HUGE dash. I think you very well COULD sleep on it! Thanks man, that gave me a good laugh!
  8. Good Luck and good to see you stayed with American muscle.

  9. that was a good one... My 96 did have a dashboard for days....
  10. I have several buds with Trans Ams (lightly modded) but not ws6. They have great feeling powerbands. As others said, congrats on staying with American Iron. Enjoy the car and when you see someone with a 03 cobra, just remember it's ok to come in 2nd.

    AS I don't have a 03 cobra, I remember it often.
  11. Thats good stuff........... :rlaugh:
  12. Seems you got freak then...
  13. I just smoked the crap out of a WS6 yesterday. :rlaugh:

    Have fun with your new car. :nice:
  14. MMMMMMM, Ram Air *drool*. The WS6 Trans Am is by far my favorite car. YOU KICK MASSIVE QUANTITIES OF ASS!
  15. If you remove the cats, maybe you can flatten out that hump for your passenger. A hammer might work. J/K Nice purchase -have fun.