Good colors for a fox body stang?

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  1. I have an '88 Mustang LX and will have it painted in a couple months.

    Its white at the moment and needs a paint job to begin with. I would like to change the color. I'm thinking grey at the moment. I've also seen yellow and blue ones that I liked.

    If you have time could you post a few pictures to help me choose?

    Particularly looking for grey mustangs but, any solid color will be nice.

    Thanks ahead of time
  2. Sorry I don't have any pics but I would go with a dark gray. I think that looks the best on it.
  3. Candy Apple Red :drool:
  4. Black or a midknight blue! Gotta love black fox bodies! :nice:
  5. Black is beautiful, as they say
  6. That dark gray is :drool:
  7. Black and dark blue always look good, but if you wanted to be a bit different the dark gray may not be a bad idea. Someone posted a pic of a dark gray notchback a little while ago that was sick.
  8. Sonic Blue.

    Of course Performance Red also.

    I love the Vibrant Red on my '93.
  9. I love black....on other peoples cars!
    I will never own black again..PITA to keep looking nice.
  10. did someone say Sonic Blue?


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  11. Damn that looks nice.
  12. Oh yea it does. Sonic blue is freakin' amazing on Fox-bodies. Good lookin' car bro!!!! :nice:
  13. Nice ride. That thing needs to be slammed a few inches though. If those rims were chrome I would have creamed my pants.

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  14. I've never really like the fox body stangs, until I saw a dark gray one at my school(it was stock from what I could tell). It completely changed my mind on foxy bodies, I like them now.
  15. I like the sonic blue. :nice:

    The hatch foxes are so much sexier. :(

    I think I'll go for dark grey or sonic blue. Leaning towards the blue now unless someone posts an equally awesome picture of a dark grey stang. I saw one quite some time ago in a forum. I think he was wanting to see how much it would sell for. I haven't been able to find it since - looked pretty nice.
  16. Just go sonic blue. You'll be original. Not many SN paint codes out there on foxes.
  17. Was bored and did a little chopping. BTW, the original white LX that I used belongs to boomr. If boomr wants me to take the pictures down PM me.







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  18. Personally, I kinda dig the mustard color.

    (Yeah, I'm weird like that)
  19. what? U guys don't like my air shocks on the back???
    J/K.....yeah needs dropped baddddd :damnit:


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