Good colors for a fox body stang?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by Jacob07, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Doesn't look that bad does it?
  2. I like burdenty and mustard.
  3. I'm kinda partial to the 25th Anniversary metallic green called Deep Emerald Green
    (a 'vert -- couldn't find a hatchback picture)

  4. :stupid: my car is in the shop right now getting a nice new black w/white pearl paint job. :D
  5. Dark blue or dark green both look good, imo.
  6. Megan what do you mean with a white pearl paint? Is your car all black with some white to it. If so can you please explain.
  7. the painter bought black paint and mixed a little bit of white pearl into it just so it's not standard black, it's got a little bit of a glimmer to it. if you get up real close you can see the flakes. i'll post pics later.
  8. When I saw this color I had to have my car painted the same. Pictures don't really do it justice. There is a lot of metal flake when the sun hits it. The color is Dodge Viper GTS Blue.

  9. Well I guess that answeres how the sonic blue will look on my daughters 83......Definately a ban on chrome rims. Polish them instead. I have chrome ponies from the dealer in 93, between living in San Dog for three years at the beach, and morons pounding wheel weights on the rim when you tell them not to. Well anyway they are crappy now. Let alone the problem finding a shop to dechrome them to get thewm polished. What a headache. Sure they looked awesome the first few years....