Good Experience With Pacifica Performance

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  1. Wanted to pass along a great experience with Lee today @ Pacifica Performance. I bought a set of chrome radiator hoses that normally retail for $129 and a set of SS Flowpath mufflers that retail for $90 each.

    Lee gave me her dealer cost on both items which are way lower than anyone else can get close to....:jester:

    $81 for the chrome radiator hose set
    $66 each for the SS flowpath mufflers

    Plus she is shipping them out today. Shipping on all is about $25 so it still comes out way cheaper.

    Here's her number in case you want to try them out,,, 951-296-3015
  2. I've have nothing but good things to say about Pacifica. Their prices are unbeatable and they have great customer service. I've ordered a few products from them.
  3. Website? When I google all I find is Chrysler. Wonder if they'd come down a lil on a vortech system?
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  4. I don't see the website anywhere. I would give them a call. I usually deal with the owner Dan. Hopefully they are still in business. I think Dan is related to the owner of MAC performance products (maybe the son?)
  5. I think their website isn't up but I bought parts from them a few weeks ago. Got them in 4 days.
  6. No website kinda sucks. How's one supposed to know what they carry?
  7. Uhh Yeah serious..... So I call and say uhh whatcha got?? And then I gotta listen to em ramble on for a couple of hours telling me about every single nut, bolt, and adapter they have. I'm not really in "need" of any certain part but it would be nice to browse a catalog. No catalog = poor marketing. Did my reply shed any kind of light on anything. Or should I still call and when they ask what are you looking reply "oh nothing, just browsing"?