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  1. I have a Good drivers door all molding,glass mirror, wiring and speaker -40 obo (forest green)
    good hatch glass wiring ,molding, rear deforster- 40 obo
    good passnger fender new in prime no moldings or holes for molding - 25 obob
    set of clear halo projectors decent shape lightly fogged up -35 obo
    rear bumper I belive I still have it - 25 obo
    set of power mirrors 20$
    rear quater windows in great shape 50$
    rear lx spoiler -free
    I have a good door with nothing in there but the door with a smalll dent -10
    I belive I still have a 87-93 nose -50 (primed)
    A beat up ORIG OEM Saleen wing 87-93 a little beat up in need of TLC 50 its the real deal

    I will trade for Fox parts as well such as I need a stock horn, a aftermarket overflow cause i replaced my clutch fan with electric, small cam e303 ????, NEW clutch ( nothing crazy)

    you ccan email me at [email protected]
  2. hey man i have a brand new clutch in my closet im interested in your wing if i can get some pics! ill pm you if you still got it
  3. can you email a pic of the headlights and the lx wing. thanks
  4. Do you still have the power mirrors?
  5. does the 87-93 nose have the header also?
  6. hey where r u located?
    im interested in the door, wing, and head lights
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.