Good handling combo or waste of $$$?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by SynMan5.0, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. To my knowledge the front Bilsteins require no modifictaions to run coil overs. The rears require a groove cut into them for some sort of snap ring to fit in, which supports the threaded coil over tube.

    Also, you may want to run the H&R race springs with the Bilsteins. That's what I have and it's not too stiff at all in my opinion but still corners really flat with the stock sway bars. With the stiffer springs you should never have to change the swaybars unless you want to go to an adj. in the rear.
  2. I didn't realize 'til you said something that I forgot the CC plates :bang: ! Anyway, that'd be great if the Bilsteins could be modified later on down the road for use with coilovers. However, I'm sure that just these mods alone will keep me happy for a while. It's still nice to know that my options are open, though. Also, do the H&R Race springs drop the car any more than the Sport springs? I want the least amount of drop available. I'm afraid I'm going to run into some severe tire rubbing issues with lowering springs, but we'll see how it goes. Worse come to worse I'll have to flip the quad shocks and roll the fender lips (don't want to do that, but if I have too...). Did you measure the actual drop that you got from your Race springs? Thanks again! :flag:
  3. You can order the Bilsteins with the groove cut in them now and just don't run coil overs. That way you don't have to worry about it later. The groove won't hurt anything.

    The Saleens came stock with Racecraft springs so I don't know what the drop is from stock springs. MM told me about 1" in the front and 3/4" in the rear if I remember correctly. The Urethane spring isolators will actually reduce the amount of drop the springs have because they don't compress like the stock rubber ones do. But to give you an idea... I run a 225/50/16 on the front and have about 1.5"s from the top of the tire to the fender lip. On the rear I run a 245/45/16 and I have the same, but I have the adj. lower control arms so I don't know what it would be without them. Pretty close to the front if I had to guess. Anyway, the race springs were suprisingly taller than I had expected, but not in a bad way. I don't see you having any rubbing issues depending on how big your tires are.
  4. :jaw: What?! You ripped out a Saleen Racecraft suspension and replaced it with a MM torque arm?! Have you no respect? No sence of authenticity? The indignity! The inhumanity! The sacrilege! What about the race winning record for the Racecraft suspension?! What about the superiority complex that goes with racing a Saleen? How could you?!

    ...good man. If I had a Saleen, I'da done the same thing. Anyway...

    Since I obviously have nothing productive left to add to this thread, I have to throw in a shameless plug here. This ride height situation you two are discussing would be a non-issue with coilovers. With 225/50/16's, I can go from tires scraping the lip of the fenders to higher than stock at any corner. Additionally, this gives you the limited ability to dial in your weight distribution better. Adjustable lower rear control arms will give you some of this, but nothing like the freedom coilovers supply. That's not to mention the superior ride quality and handling.
  5. Haha. Yes Stangbear I tossed out all of it. There is not a hint of Racecraft or Saleen suspension left on that car. Except for the Monroe cockpit adj. suspension module which is now useless. I will leave it in the car for originality sake. Does that mean I have to take off the Racecraft suspension sticker and replace it with a H&R sticker? :D

    As far as the Coilovers go.... you are very right. BUT, if I had coilovers on my street car I would be adjusting the ride height every 10 minutes and I didn't want the option to do that. So I stuck with a strut/spring combo that I knew would keep me happy at one set height. And it rides pretty darn good if you ask me. I had to draw the line somewhere.... if I got coilovers I would have bought a tubular K member and A arms to go with it. I'll leave that for the AI car. :nice:
  6. H&R springs drop quite a bit... I have the super sports on my 91 and with 17x9 cobra r's and 255/45/17 tires, i get some rubbing issues in the front... I actually had to put a spacer in the spring to lift it a little otherwise it rubbed on every little bump... As far as the back goes, I had to roll the rear fender lip also.... But I've got a vert and the springs lowered it 1.5" F and 1.25" R.

    FYI, the sport springs lower approx. 1.25" F & 1" R.. The super sports lower 1.25" F & 1" R.. and the race springs lower 1" & .75" R. Hope that helps