Good luck finding a F4TE 351 roller block!!

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  1. So the best block to build a 408 is the F4TE roller block produced from 94 to 96. This of course excludes the high price race blocks. I really want to build one of these blocks because the interchangeability between this and my 342, and because they are rare. I cant seem to find them anywhere till I called a machine shop locally, and they had one. It is a short block from the 351 Heavy Duty Motorsport crate engine. They want $900 and its totally rebuildable and still standard everything. I can always sell off the rotating to help pay for the rest or keep it. These crate blocks have their own casting and feature more nickel and stronger webbing. Should I do it. The only other choice is the guy on ebay who has them rebuilt, 40 over with free shipping for $1100. Still I have to gut the thing since I am going to be building a 408. Anybody know the internal specs of the Heavy Duty engine. Oh yeah, it comes with a roller cam and lifters and junk. I'm really tempted but I was suppose to buy an intercooler on the 1st. Maybe I can swing them both. HAHAHAHA, I'm so greedy, I want more. MY goal is to have my 342, this roller 408, and my 460 all ready to drop into a Fox body. Imagine all that choice and Ford fun.
  2. There was someone here on SN that had one for sale a while ago. BTW aren't those blocks set up for DIS? You might be able to find another block like that on Ebay. That's where I found my 69 BOSS block.
  3. What is DIS. Well remember this is the whole short block, standard everything so its never been rebuilt.
  4. I found a 94 351w block at the junkyard. I ended up selling it but if I was to build another stroker I'd look for an early block and either go solid roller or run Crane linked lifters.

    That 94 block was really thin around the mains.
  5. If you are going to use a stock block and psuh any kind of power look for a 69-70 9.48" DH or 71-74 9.5" DH, they are a little beefier.
  6. The 94 HD block is really strong and its made for the crate engines, and besides, any 351 block is going to handle at least 750 horses if its built right. You dont even need a forged crank with those things. DSS doesnt use forged cranks in those things.
  7. Yes many 351W blocks take 600hp+ but you are always on borrowed time if you push it or get greedy.
  8. I'm not talking about 1200 horses. That would need a race block. But I go with what DSS says since they are the leaders in stroker engines. If they are using stock blocks, cast cranks, and main supports to handle over 600 horses then I'll be fine.
  9. Distributerless Ignition System. Something to think about. I have no idea if thats how they are set up. Coil packs, sensors, and wiring could be pricey, and a puter to run it. Look for a distributer hole on top of the block.
  10. Of course it has a distributor hole. These crate engines come with carb intakes from Ford Racing.
  11. As much as this engine is a good deal. I think Im going to just get a used 351 block because 900 is a little expensive for me since I'm buying an intercooler on the 1st. And I have to start getting this 460 machined.
  12. i bought mine (94 efi 351) from an engine rebuilding place for 200 bucks and its in great condition, the cylinders still have hone marks on them.. just call around bro, you will definetly find one. it took me a week to find mine.

    good luck,

  13. This is a complete running short block with roller cam and lifters too. And this is the only 94 roller block available in San Diego. Trust, I have checked around, lol. Birthplace of hot rodding and I cant find the right block, what gives.
  14. I'm not sure what you mean by a 94 HD block, I'm 98% certain the F4TE is a production block and it's thin around the mains. I wouldn't use it as the basis of a 750 HP motor.

    Now if you're talking the Sportsman block then that's a different animal.