Good Mach460 Replacement Ideas

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  1. Well this morning on my way to work I put in a CD and it played for a good 4.7 seconds and then just SHUTOFF. I was like hmmmm...took the CD out, cleaned it, then put it back in. The CD player didn't even read it. I just went to the radio. Tried a different CD, same thing. Right to the radio. WHY!

    Anyways, I've been wanting to upgrade the HU for a while but with all the horror "Mach460 swap" stories I've been dreading doing it. My questions are has anyone had the 460 just crap like this? Also, what would be a good HU to replace it with. Preferably under $400?

    All is appreciated. I have a knot in my stomach over replacing this damn thing. Was CAKE in my last car, but I'm just unsure of the 460. :(
  2. i would go with an alpine HU. you can find a year old model for under $400 and IMO they are one of the best and you cant go wrong with them.
  3. Id have to agree that I have heard nothing but great things about Alpine. I'm actually looking into a DVD HU for $600 new. Great HU. Friend has one.

    So as long as I get the adapter from Crutchfield, any HU will adapt right into my stock 460 amps, right? This is the impression I'm under.
  4. there already was a thread about an Alpine not working with the mach 460

    you can also find new models for $200
  5. Yea, I'm aware that new HUs can be as cheap as $130 but I mean, it's my car and I don't want some cheapo $130 HU. ;)
  6. as am I. im not exactly car stereo illiterate. i know quite a bit about HU, ams, subs, wiring, etc.....
  7. I'm thinking so after reading Crutchfields website.

  8. Any aftermarket headunit will work with the Metra Smart Harness #80-5511. I just hooked one up in a guys 99 Mustang with the 460 yesterday and it worked fine. I just went about a different way so that my amps would get a low level signal as opposed to the high level which is what you will get with the harness alone. Obviously you would prefer to have a low level signal going to the amps, as there isn't as much distortion, but the work to do it is a pain. I have an Alpine in my car and it has worked perfectly since I put it in a year ago.
  9. the product that u.m. pointed out is the only thing you need (other then the wiring kit and obviously h.u.) the one I used (a little different then the crutchfield one) had a few dials to set the settings to your own likes. (

    you can use it without this factory amp adapter however the sound is about 10x quieter then you would be used to and there is no bass. not to mention that the amps will burn up at some point (happened to 3 people who didn't want to spend an extra $50)

    so there you have it.

    p.s. I used a snazzy little kenwood :)
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    Thats what you need right there...haha, it was worth every penny, if you are into that stuff. Sorry about the quality. It is the only pic I have of it off my razr.
  11. Very nice, but at a $1,200 price tag, that's like almost 1/2 my blower. No thanks. I need to go fast before I go "yo yo! Watch this DVD!"
  12. HAHA, makes sense, but I didn't pay quite that a hook up where I used to work.:rolleyes: , I won't disclose how much I paid for it because it will just piss everyone, the women love it!!
  13. Ambo I think I still have my stock radio in the garage, only used 2 days. I think it was CD(don't remember) I'll take a look tomorrow. If it is the same as yours you can have it. I'm pretty sure it would work with your car..Mine had the mach 460 also...need any other parts from it? lol ,I took it all out.
  14. The only thing i dislike about replacing the Mach 460 is the fact that it's a larger double din size unit. In my opinion, replacing it with a single din unit just doesn't look all that great to me. I like a factory fit and finish look.

    Downside is larger double din units are just too damn expensive. I liked this one installed in a Mach 1, but i can't justify a $2500 radio/DVD/Nav/Engine stats :)

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    EDIT: Whoops nevermind, just remembered you have a 2000. You won't have this problem. :(
  15. oh i forgot the newer head units are Double Din...Mine is single Din with the storage pocket below.
  16. Well the CD player decided to start reading CDs again, when it wants to. So at least I have CDs..sometimes. I'm looking into buying this headunit next week:




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  17. I get so confused reading the MACH460 replacement threads cause everyone mentions 3 or 4 different ways to do it and 3 or 4 different harnesses. What is the correct way to do it ( i.e best sound, no burnt up factory amps) Which harnesses?