Good Mods for "03 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by elmo0244, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Just got my "03 Cobra last Sturday and it makes my old '01 Cobra look like a four banger! I just can't believe the power that this car has. I was wondering what kinds of mods you '03 guys are getting the best results from. I got a diablo predator and a 9" K&N filter and a 95mm mas. For anyone with a predator, what kind of tuning have you done with it? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I've tried just the stock performance tune for now. I had some ping up high at max boost, so I switched to 94 octaine. Seems to have worked. I'm not messing with it tho till I get on a dyno with a/f meters.

    I have turned off T/C, elimmed by rear 02 sensors, upped my base idle a bit and a few other things. Great tool and I can't wait till I get more mods.

    Here is my short (wish)list.

    Pro5.0 shifter
    UPR firwall/clutch adjuster
    Morpheous Power pipe
    Borla Stinger cat back
    Bassani X-pipe
    2.93 pulley and reichart racing idler pulleys
    GordsFord Heat Exchanger
    Diablo Predator

    This should put you close to 475 rwhp
  3. You bought the C&L MAF/Filter combo I take it? If this is true and you are using the Predator with the performance tune you need to get to a dyno ASAP! I've been told the C&L MAF/filter combo artificially lean out the A/F ratio. Add the Predator tune on top of that and you don't know where you're at A/F wise. Get that thing checked on a dyno so you can ensure your A/F isn't on the lean side.

  4. hey guys thanks for the reply i'm thinking about sending that c&l combo kit back and get some other lower intake w/o a mas because the nearest dyno is about three hours away
  5. Your money is best spent on a cat-back exhaust and full intake kit like a K&N, Steeda or Morpheous. Then the firewall adjuster and shifter should be next. I wouldn't change the stock maf or tb for a long while.
  6. KB @ 16 PSi :nice:
  7. Hey I have the C&L kit with the 95mm and don’t have any problems running lean in fact it is running a little rich if anything. Just my experience! :nice:
  8. do u have chip or the Diablo Sport Predator more worried about them together
  9. I had the intake and exhaust mods without the chip, reset the computer by disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes, and the air fuel was fine. I added the chip when I put the smaller pulley on. The tune isn’t there yet but the power is very noticeable. 460 torque and 430-horse power. Once the mapping is adjusted up top I should be good for 460 h.p. to the pavement. :nice:
  10. Right, but the C&L DOES lean out the A/F a little compared to stock, I've seen the dyno graphs. Add on the predator performance tune, which leans out the A/F some more and it may end up being too lean. I think it would be in elmo0244's best interest to get his combo checked on the dyno before hammering it. Just because yours was good doesn't mean his will be! It's possible to lean out A/F on the Cobra with just a CAI and exhaust, check out my A/F with just a DC and a Magnaflow X and CB.


  11. Wow, that is pretty lean! Was that taken from the header or at the pipe? I was running between 12 and 13 at the header. If it was from the pipe I hear the cats clean it up a bit.

    Your right, every car is different. My experience so far has been to get it tested. The last bit of mods I did felt great, but the people here told me to get it checked, and they were right. I have something going on when I hit 5200 rpm’s and it isn’t pretty, so it was well worth me getting it checked before the car blows up. :nice:
  12. It was taken with a tailpipe sniffer so you can probably drop the ratio a full point across the board, but that's still too lean for me! I've gotten rid of the DC and went with the K&N Air Charger, plus I added the JBA shortys since then. I've pulled timing and added fuel with the Predator until I can get back to the dyno and get her checked again!

  13. got my car dynoed 398hp 393tq with the Predator set 2 clicks to the left on the fuel base.i gained 18hp 23tq from the way i was runing it.i had it three clicks to the left move to two clicks total to the a/f was between 13.5 and 11.8 think thats safe? i tought they were small adjustment i'd say it was runing rich before i got it to the dyno. thanks for the info guys p.s the guy at rpm outlet told me 2 clicks to the left think i should trust him on future?
  14. I thought clicks to the left on the Predator richen the A/F and clicks to the right will lean it out!? More rich = move left / more lean = move right

    If I remember currectly the readout looks like this, no?

    RICH ----------|-----------LEAN

  15. that right two clicks to the left is richer.
  16. rick jason and i hit the sweet spot last night on the dyno 590ftlb's corrected to dyno jet numbers.

    6lb lower 3.0 upper xpipe and cat back. one of ricks tunes in the car. this was on a stock eaton blower and tbody. no porting. ill get the dyno sheets as soon as i can. but chuck the mass air there more trouble then there honestly worth. rick found they lean the cars out to much.

  17. think the stock one better?will it give me more power?is it less trouble tune?i see in the mags almost all the big dogs run the stock mas is the c&l kit that bad on a slighty moded to mildly moded car?think i should try a k&n drop in and reset the fuel base next time i dyno?