good pic of the stangs

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  1. thought i'd share.. washed both the stangs (sadly my car isnt shiny enough to notice) and show yall the hotrods.. trying to spice things up.. forums seem slow and barely any posts.. thats me and my pa in the pic btw..


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  2. I don't think I could ever see my dad driving an older stang... Anyways cool pic aye!

  3. nice, your family likes those ram air hoods. me too thats what i got. Is your dad still making you sell the car for a more stock one?
  4. Looks good, Ill have to grab some pics this summer, of me, my dad, my brother, and my sister all standing in front of our respective cars (and Ill have my two in the pic).

    I can and do see my dad in an older Mustang, but its usually at the track when I see that.
  5. Nice pic. Now paint that hood. :grin:
  6. thanks guys.. naa hes not.. i managed to keep it so im happy.. it was all about the 5speed and traffic which is bad around here.. and the fact that its the near fastest thing on the street (except for a nova and a lightning right down my road).. i'll make due though :p
  7. Great lookings cars, not too many nice 4 eyes running around these days.
  8. Both are very nice!
  9. nice man... is that the stock TF paint? and light gray int? and 15in ARE wheels? when i bought my car it was the same exact combo, except mine is a notch, and im painting it black.
  10. yea you could say that.. entire interior is out another car but same color as the original.. light titanium.. 16" ARE saleens.. im not a big fan of the wheels but they got new tires so im stick with er lol