Good Shop Near Lakewood Ca?

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  1. I have an 89 5 speed 5.0 that runs pretty well. Mostly stock, gt40 upper and lower, full exhaust, msd dizzy and ignition 170,000 miles. Doesn't smoke, good compression etc. The only problems it has, is it leaks a lot of oil from the oil pan and from the lower intake on the back of the block. Now my question is does anyone know of a good shop to take it to? I talked to a few places that quoted me from $280-$500 with parts to just replace the oil pan gasket which requires pulling the motor. But I figured while the motor was out, I would get it freshened up and upgraded. Front and rear seals, water pump, oil pan gasket, gt40 heads, and tfs 1 camshaft etc. One shop quoted me $500 for labor for everything. But I would have to provide all the parts and drop the car off. Only problem with that is, I work a lot and don't have time to go searching for parts. So I'm looking for a shop that would have the parts or have a way to get the parts and install them.

    Does anyone know of a good spot to get this done at? Also while the motors out what else would you guys take care of? I have a budget of around $1000-$1200.