Good street tires for 400+ hp

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  1. Nittos tend to run a bit narrow
  2. I measured the width of my Nitto 555R's and they are right on the money. Not too wide not too narrow. They are not mounted yet though.
  3. with the quad shocks its funny some like myself can have tossed out the quad shocks with no issues and I have 22 year old stock upper and lower control arms with messed up bushings and "0" hop issues. its really hit or miss.
  4. So now I'm just trying to decide if I want to deal with all the pain involved with making the 275's fit (fender rolling, exhaust pipe mod) or if I should just get the 245's instead...
  5. you talking front or back?
  6. 275 should fit ok, not much room to your tails but i had them on my last car no prob
  7. I mocked up the 275's on the rear and have plenty of room to the pipes and quad shocks - abut 1/2" to each. My issue is going to be to the flange on the fender. As it sits on the ground, I'll have abut 1-1/2" from the tire up to the flange. If I can roll the flange up, I can get close to 2" but my axle bump stops are still going to allow just over 2" of downward body movement.
    I think I'm going to have the 2 245's mounted this weekend and put them on the rear to see how they look. They'll clear everything easily (in back) - so if they look alright, I may return the 275's and get 2 more 245's.
  8. Probably a good choice.
    The problems with wide tires on a fox are significantly magnified with someone in the back seat or hard cornering. The rear on one of these cars will move quite a bit under load, so much so that with my 275's i had to buy a panhard bar to prevent rubbing on the inside wheel well. I guess it was just another excuse for me to buy something else.
  9. ill be getting a panhard bar when i make the swtich to 315s
  10. Ditch the quad shocks for more tire clearance. Just make sure you have good control arms and you'll be fine.
  11. Turns out I don't have a clearance issue on the inside - I've got 1/2"+ to the quad shock and exhaust but the 275's will hit the fender flange. If I had a little more offset than +18 mm, it would help.

    That said, can I have the hubs on the wheels machined down 1/4" or so to make them fit better? If so, who would do something like this?

  12. I will recite your post word for word when I'm asked "what is that thing you bought?"
  13. :lol:

    I'm forever being chastised by my wife for buying 'all that crap' for the Mustang.... :nono:
  14. It's really preventive maintenance, so we don't have to buy tires from rubbing.
    Right up there with needing an 03 cobra engine to pass emissions.
    Also goes with "don't worry it was only 100 bucks", everything is a $100 the way i see it.
    In all seriousness, mine was a gift from her, that i picked out.

    Oz, i don't know if cobra r wheels are worth this much work, these days they are a dime a dozen. Besides, while i'm no wheel expert i can't help but think removing 1/4 inch off the back hub of wheels will change how the lug nuts fit and how much material is back there when you crank them down.
    I would just buy the right wheels if you want to keep the tires.
  15. I think 245's will be fine. I'm getting 2 mounted tomorrow and if they look and fit well, I'll be returning the 275's next week.

  16. What size were the Nittos you were planning to run? I have 245/45/17's on 9" wheels, and need new tires....wanted to go bigger but doesn't look good with current wheel/offset/clearances. The Nittos hook pretty decent from what I undeerstand?
  17. 245/45R17's front
    275/40R17's rear
    All on 17" x 9" Cobra R's w/ +18 mm offset

    It all goes back to wanting more meat to handle the hp level I have. With a stock bottom end, I think having good but not great traction may be a good way (the only way) to keep from blowing it up. In hindsight, I should have just gotten 4 245's I guess. I saw so many people running the 275's that I didn't think the fit would be an issue.

    Suposedly can issue a return shipper that will save me a few bucks vs just taking them to UPS myself. I guess I'll go that way and then order 2 more 245's.
  18. Right it's like spending money to save money. Makes perfect sense
    I am cracking up at the 03 Cobra Engine comment!
    "What was I supposed to do?! I had to pass emissions!"

  19. Think that's the route I will go too....gona have to ditch the quads tho....pulled gas tank this evening to fix a pump issue and got a close glimpse of the lack of clearance. There's also a couple places where it looks like something was torched out...I'll take some pix tomorrow maybe someone here will know what was there originally....think it may have been original mounts for either a different rear end, or hangers? not sure but it looks
  20. Hey that's 1/4 to 3/8 more then I have with 245's