Good Time To Buy 2013?

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  1. This may have been asked already, however I searched and found nothing. Anyways, so i've been looking into buying a new car and the mustang has been the absolute top of the list for a while. I have to buy a car before august ends, but I don't know if its a good idea to buy a 2013 GT Premium with the next generation a few months away. I really want yall's opinion on whether it's worth buying a mustang right now or to just get another car. I'm worried about a huge resale drop because of a new gen.
  2. These cars have pretty terrible resale value regardless of a new generation coming out. Just look on autotrader at gently used 12, 13, 14's. They are very cheap compared to MSRP. I just saw a 6k mile fully loaded 2014 premium GT with automatic for sale by a dealer for 29k. I bet they bought it for 25k. That car is almost $40k brand new. I would NOT buy a mustang if your primary focus is to sell it in a few years. Resale value may go up when all new cars are hybrids or electrics only... But that's a long time from now. Buy a used corvette if you're worried about resale value. Those cars take a big resale drop when the first owner sells, but after the first owner, they retain their value quite well.
  3. The 2013s are already taking a hit due to the 2014s, and, once the 2015s come out, I would wager they will plummet even further.

    As a result, I wouldn't buy a 2013 right now. Wait until the 2015 is revealed and in production to get it as cheaply as possible while still relatively new.

    However, you said that you must get a car before August. Why not buy a used 2011 or 2012?
  4. Ditto what James said. No huge differences from 11-12 to 13s, and you can find a good deal, much cheaper, which won't bite you as much on resale.
  5. ehhh I'd say there is a big difference between 11-12 and 13+
    rear bumper, tail lights, headlights, front bumper, hood, and hp/reliability upgrades
  6. There are many differences between 11 to 13 years, but that's not the point: whether an 11, 12, or 13, it's a great car, and if he is hard pressed to buy right now, cost and depreciation would steer me to an used 11-12.

    For perspective, I had my 13 for 6 months, and it depreciated $10k over 3k miles. This drastic drop was due to the production of the 14s. I don't even want to think of the drop that will occur with the production of the 15s. If one cannot wait, then get a Mustang that already has considerable depreciation. That's just my 2 cents right now.
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  7. Yes as the next year's model comes rolling in the current year's model they are trying to move off the lot and a lot of people, even if there are little or no changes, want the newest year available. No matter what you buy, buying new it takes a huge drop in price once you take ownership of it. If you are planning on selling/trading in the next few years, buy used.
  8. I got my '13 back in September. Carmax offered me $25k for it with 5k miles a couple months ago.
  9. Thanks for the info, I want to make a correction though. I was planning on buying a 2014, not a 2013. I got mixed up. Anyways, I am pressed to find something before the end of august so I like yall's suggestion of a slightly used mustang. However, as picky as this is going to sound, I really loved the changes made in the 2013 model year so that is what I would probably end up buying. Now that the clarification has been made, would it be a good option to buy a slightly used 2013? Right now I have a specific GT Premium in mind that is around 38-39,000 MSRP and i'm getting it around 30,000. Is that a good enough price point to offset the difference of buying a used 2013?
  10. The '13s and '14s are the same car. someone who would get a GT premium is also someone who would take good care of the car, so you shouldn't have any problems with a slightly used '13. I wouldn't buy a '14 until the new platform is in production.
  11. I think you may find a new one for that price. Invoice is around 32k. There are about $2000 in rebates right now, and if you apply for a brochure on the ford site you may get a $750 coupon as well. Also, google "ford inventory" and search for a 2013 and 2014 Gt near you and email local dealers for an "out the door price". Low ball them on 2013s that they still have sitting around.

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  12. You can definitely get a new one for that price, especially with x-plan. Join Mustang club of america and you can get that too.
  13. I am in the process of buying a brand new 2013 Premium 401A with the security/reverse sensing package. I was lucky to find the color I wanted (black) because there are very few 2013 GTs left within a couple hundred miles of me that aren't optioned out way beyond what I wanted to pay, and I was ready to order a 2014 400A with no other options.

    The rebates are $3,250 in my area on a '13 ($2,500 cash on the '13s vs. $2,000 on th '14s, plus $750 Ford private cash coupon) and along with a decent discount from MSRP I am getting it for about the same out the door as the 400A I priced out. Could have probably gotten it cheaper but we had to do a dealer swap and I wanted to stick with my dealer, plus they were giving me a better deal on my trade-in than I found elsewhere. I am thrilled.

    And I drove my last one for 178,000 miles, at which point resale value is kind of a non-issue.
  14. Yesterday I bought a new black 2014 GT Premium with track pack and reverse sensing for $32,500 plus free tint. I pitted two dealers against each other that had basically the same car to try to get one for about $31,700, but one dealer said good luck and the other sold the car from underneath me, so I caved.

    I looked at a used 2013 with 13k miles which only had the Brembo package (not track pack) and they wouldn't come down much off of $30k, clearly new was a better way to go, especially when I got a 1.69% interest rate!

    I highly debated doing a deal for a year then get the 2015, but went for the new 'stang based on the deal (value), interest rate and not wanting the risks associated with a lease.

    Didn't know about the private coupon deal, wonder if I can still get that.
  15. The private coupon was a total surprise to me. I signed up on Ford's web site to get a brochure and they sent me the coupon (both via e-mail and snail mail). But from what I have seen elsewhere, I was fortunate, as it appears they don't always do that.

    As far as whether to buy a '13 or '14 now or later, I have been driving this awesome new ride for two days now, and I feel like a total rock star. No joke. People are calling "nice car" out to me on the street when I drive by, some guy took pictures of it in a parking lot, etc. (OK that was a little creepy, but what the heck). That's saying something since this basic body style has been around since 2010. The '10-'14 Mustang GT is a beautiful car, and compared to my old New Edge GT (a 2000), is comparatively rare - I see far more '99-'04 GTs in my locale than '10-'14s. You could certainly wait for the prices to drop on the '14s but then you may have a hard time getting exactly what you want from the leftover stock. I was very specific in that I wanted a Premium with few other options, a manual tranny and black paint. And having just turned 40 this summer (and my wife basically telling me to get one) I had a good enough excuse to take the plunge. I am glad I did.

    My thought was to spring for a '13 or '14 now, regardless of how the '15 looks. I figure even if the '15 looks so awesome that I just have to have one (doubtful in my eyes if they go all "European" on me), I'd wait a few years anyhow until they have all the bugs worked out of the new model. Independent rear suspension = more complication and expense, and I am sure there will be some improvements to the platform within the first few years of sales.
  16. I had the same exact thought about the '15s, better to give them a couple years to refine it. I am also a bit concerned about how the new car will look with the international influence, my wife more-so though. She really doesn't care for any of the German cars, and she doesn't like the way the Fusion looks.
  17. @SeanJ - that sounds like a great price - did you have a trade in with that and if not, how did you get it that low?
  18. I bought a '14 GT Premium 5.0 6MT for $37k after all fees, taxes, zero down, etc. I didn't intend to purchase the car that day, but I fell in love with it on the spot. Not the best deal in the world, and certainly not the worst.
  19. Best time to buy a 2013 was last April for me. On a promo, got a Premium GT for the same price as a base model ($30K). Track Pack and leather Recaros thrown in for $2700 more, because the cars were already built and Overseas Military Sales were already selling 2014s. Decent color in Race Red, which would have been my 2nd choice anyway.

    If the 2015 Mustang will weigh 400 lbs less and have 475 HP, and maybe outhandle a Camaro due to the independent rear, I surmise the 2014s will go out the door real cheap.

    Otherwise, 2013 and 2014 is the same car. My advice is make sure you get a Premium GT with Track Pack and ideally leather Recaros, and in a color you like. Not much upgrading necessary with the 19x9" wheels, Brembo brakes, and Pirelli Z tires which cost $350 each.
  20. The 2015 Mustang looks like a retarded Ford Taurus.