Good Times At Ultimate Street Car Association (fontana)


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Nov 2, 1999
san diego, ca
Hey everyone, I entered a Ultimate Street Car Association at Fontana event and had such a blast that I wanted to share with you here. Though these kinds of pro-touring events usually attract early and late model Camaros there was a surprisingly good variety of vehicles. Everyone but one kid("You can't win with that") was very accepting and even excited to see my II. Lots of comments on how they "used to have one", loved it, missed it, "Charlie's angels car", "mustang ii, boredom zero". Sometimes mustang ii owners(like me) need encouragement to keep going and this was a great opportunity to get a boost.

What I really like about this event is that its open to all street cars, has multiple activities to compete in (Autocross, Speedstop, engineering review, roadrally, and hotlap), gives lots of driving time for the money, and is just a great place to meet new car nuts. I came in just to have fun knowing winning would be near impossible with the caliber of cars expected to show up but I like to measure up to them and knew I could embarrass a few people in the autox/speedstop that didn't know what they were doing. I did just that, posting the best times right off the bat but with so many runs possible though, people with much better cars learned to be faster. At the end of the weekend I did win something(take that kid!). The RideTech Renegade award. Yes, its a subjective award for the one that does the most with the least which sounds perfect for the car and rewards the trashing I subjected it to. I gladly took prize as it includes a Ridetech certificate for which I can use for actual mustang ii parts(adjustable shocks here I come!).

Media was there and someone from Jalopnik attended and posted a good article ( MavTV filmed a ton and I got interviewed so if you have that channel and I don't get cut during editing you may see a II on TV sometime in the future.

Have a nice day,

Lots of photos of the two days:


General Video of USCA event overview:


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Dec 6, 2005
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Congrats on the win Alcino! It looks like it was a blast! It looks like there are some good facebook photos for your collection. The jalopnik post sounds like he had a similar experience and had a blast too. It also sounds as if he ran into the same kid as you. Maybe his parents will teach him about saying something nice or not saying anything at all sometime....
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