Good Trans For 1964?

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  1. After a complete overhaul of the 170 cid engine the 3-speed gave it up - input shaft broke a few teeth. So now looking to replace trans with a stronger unit. Strictly for occasional street driving - no racing or hard use. One shop suggested a C4 or T10. Guy who worked on the car mentioned a T5 he saw on Craigslist. Kind of thinking about converting to an automatic. Am I crazy, or what? Any suggestions?
  2. it depends on what you want from the car. i have a 64 that i am going to convert over to a C4 myself, though i thought about swapping in a T5 at one time. doing the T5 swap though entails either finding an S10 tail shaft and swapping that onto a ford pattern T5 to get the shifter moved forward, or cutting out a body reinforcement structure and reinstalling it some where close by.
  3. Thanks for the excellent bullet points. Didn't realize there would be modifications required for the T5. Just curious, though, why are you switching to a C4?
  4. i want to get away from the paper transmission(ie the 2.77 three speed), and due to health issues, i have trouble using a clutch these days. if i could find a C3 bell housing for my six, i would convert to a 5R55 five speed automatic, but those things are getting as rare as hens teeth, so the C4 is the next best thing, unless i swap to a 250 in which case an AOD or a later 4R70W trans would be in order as well.