goodbye guys its been fun!

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  1. well, after much consideration over the last few weeks i finally bit the bullet and traded in my stang. they gave a damn good price on the trade, much more than it was worth and gave me a good deal on the new car..

    picked up a 2003 BMW 330i 5speed, its a GREAT car, drives very smooth, power is decent and the variable valve timing is nice...i loved the stang but with rising gas prices and starting a new family it just wasnt practical for me anymore....she will be missed. here are pics of the new ride if anyone gives a damn. haha. thanks for all the help and good late night reading:nice:

    new car
  2. Well it's too bad you had to get rid of your 'Stang.. But at least you got something nice to replace it with. I love BMW's, very very nice cars.

    Looks good man!.. At least you didn't get a camaro ;)
  3. Sweet car man..Have fun modding that car..
  4. You'll be back
  5. They always come back.
  6. Yes they do.
    Congrats on the new ride. We had a BMW Z3 after our 94 GT died, and it was really nice, but now we have 2 Stangs and no BMW.
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  8. BMWs are nice........

    ....until you see a repair bill on one.:D

    I love BMWs and some day want to own an M6 with SMG paddle shifters.:drool: I would have to buy a new BMW and then trade it when the warranty is about to expire. My uncle had one and repairs are difficult and expensive.
  9. At least you traded for a good car gotta love the BMWs Im thinkin of getting a M5 when I graduate and putting a turbo on it.
  10. modding fun on a bmw? $30,000 for a blower.. 100hp
  11. well good luck with the new car.
  12. QFT
    my dad has an '03 M3 for his "fun car" and priced out some performance upgrades. Dinan offers a pretty extreme supercharger package. it includes a centri s/c, new throttle bodies (6 of them :eek: ), 3.90 gears, brakes, coilovers, tuning, and exhaust for an output rated at ~440 hp (~380 to the wheels). the price? 40k just for the Dinan package.
    :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw:
  13. yea i wont be modding this one...good thing is that its under factory warranty until 50k, then the BMW certified pre-owned warranty to only has 39k on it now, so i should be good...

    and yes i will be back. in the future when its more feasible to own one... :)
  14. I forget, does the elitist attitude come standard on those cars or is that a dealer option? :p
  15. Uhh is the gas milage that much better? I mean now you have to go premium.
    I would have gone Corrola/Accord and a Fox body :p
    But that is me, and you did what makes you happy :) Hope you enjoy it.
  16. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I hope to god you did not trade your stang in for that toilet in the "new car" link!!! J/K man, looks really nice as most BMW's do. I could use an M3.
  17. yea the mileage is that much better...its averaging 22.4mpg city where my stang got 14-15 at best..and i had to run premium in the stang because of the advanced timing i was running..and these cars only call for 91 octane so it will run me .10c a gallon cheaper right off the bat...i dont feel like i'm elite because i have one...yes its a nice car, but it is only a mid level 3 series so its not like i'm driving a $90k m5...if i were then i may feel that way hahaha.
  18. Damn your stang got horrible gas milage. But congrats on the new purchase :D
  19. My thoughts also .... :(

    Enjoy the BMW though, every now and then you have to make the "smart" move for the family.
  20. so im confused, this trade was based on gas..??? and you bought that..??:shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: more to the strory imo..:shrug: :shrug: