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  1. Saw this posted elsewhere on the web and it looks like a great idea. ...

    Mustang Fans! The time to act is NOW!
    Lets see what Google can do with our favorite car!

    Google's doodle (the fun little interactive graphic on Google’s homepage) has been around for a while now, celebrating milestones great and small and what better milestone to celebrate than the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang!

    There's no hard and fast rule for what merits a doodle, all we can do is ask. Maybe, just maybe, if enough Mustang fans from around the world let Google know how deserving Mustang is ... Google will hear us.

    Send an email to Google via [email protected]

    Use the message below or write your own.

    Dear Google,
    April 17, 1964, was the Ford Mustang’s public launch, at the New York World’s Fair. April 17, 2014 will be the 50th anniversary, and I think that event deserves a Google Doodle. Here’s why: Mustang’s introduction created a frenzy of excitement like nothing before or since (certainly not in the auto industry). It was variously called Mustang Mania or Mustang Madness … “hotcakes are selling like Mustangs,” read a sign in a bakery window. All the excitement was about a totally new car and concept – the “pony car.” Now, almost 50 year’s on, Mustang is still going strong, with an enthusiastic following, and the car today is just as exciting as ever. It has become an American icon with a global following, thanks in part to its movie “stardom” in films like Bullitt, A Man and a Woman, Gone In 60 Seconds, I Am Legend, and hundreds more. For all those reasons I think the 50th anniversary certainly is worthy of a Google Doodle.
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  2. thats quite a first post dude
  3. Yes - well, I'm not much of a commenter - but I really think a Mustang Doodle could be cool. There was one last week for Michel Foucault with a pendulum that was neat. But thinking of all the possibilities for Mustang is mindboggling - I really hope they do something interactive, a driving doodle would be very cool

    Did you see the Les Paul, or the Jim Henson Doodles those were very cool.