Wheels-Tires Got A 2013 Boss Wanna Change The Wheels

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  1. First post, got a new boss and im not digging the wheels

    Anyone put wider wheels on theirs yet? thinking a minimum of 10" in the back and 9.5" in the front. Wider if possible. I was just gonna go with RTR's. The other thing i cant decide on is finish: Glossy black or matte black?

    Googled the living hell out of it but i cant find any pictures or any evidence of other boss owners doing it.

  2. I would go with a satin or semi-gloss finish.
  3. ermm....Leave them be :shrug:
  4. I love the boss, but dislike the wheels. The wheels on the LG boss, though, are awesome!
  5. How about a set of True Forged Wheels?
    Mine are 20 X 9 Front and 20 X 11 Rear.








  6. 11's in the rear look sick, is it lowered or do the 20's just fill up the wheel well?
  7. I have Eibach Pro Kit springs and BMR adjustable panhard bar.
  8. I personally like the Boss wheels, they look like the 70's Boss Mustang wheels.

    If your set on different wheels, matte wheel to match the matte graphics.
  9. 04Sleeper....what are the offsets with your set up? Sick ride by the way.
  10. Ill hook you up on a set of vossens!!

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  11. I dunno if they come like that or if you had it done special but that hood stripe is perfect! :nice:

    I love a clean look and that's just enough strip to highlight the cowl. Awesome car! :)
  12. looks perfect. no rubbing issues? +1 on specs of the offset.