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  1. A few months ago, I sold my old 88 mustang and got a new project. I had so much fun with that 2.3, and learned a ton about cars. When I got the car, it [email protected] in the quarter. I eventually took the car to a consistent 12.2's at 111mph, running 20psi of boost, E85 and a small shot of spray to get everything moving.

    Anyway, I have a new project now. I bought a 'cobra' kit car from Factory Five Racing:
    The basic build will be a new coyote 5.0, TR-3650 transmission, 99+ mustang brake with ABS, and a 3 link rear suspension. My goal is to have a modern take on the cobra, hence modern fuel injected engine with ABS and a smooth 5-speed trans. I will likely paint it some kind of orange metallic color with silver stripes.
    The work is going slow, but steady. So far, I painted the frame and attach most of the front suspension and brakes.

    I still have and will keep my 97 GT as my daily driver. She has 210k miles now, but I think I can get a lot more good miles from her. I am keeping up on maintenance and fixing any little issues I see. I just fixed the door pins and enjoyed AC all summer long. It makes for an enjoyable daily driver and is about all the power you need from a daily car (think winter driving).

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  2. Love it! Good luck with the build:flag:
  3. thats awesome, one day i would love to do that. how much did the kit set u back?
  4. Nice! Have fun!!!
  5. Wow! Very nice! Looking forward to seeing the finished product of you efforts.
  6. i have been thinking about a Factory Five Roadster for a while now...(an orange one too :) )...I'll be following this :thumbs:

    I, too, want to do the same thing, except with a 68ish Fastback. Coyote 5.0 + T56 + nice suspension and brakes on an old Fastback = :drool:
  8. Thanks everyone, I can post progress updates as I go. It'll be slow going though, if I am lucky, I can finish in 3-4 years. I am having a lot of fun building the kit though.

    usaf_branham: factory five has the pricing for all of their kits and upgrades online, plus good sales at various times of year. There are builds that cost anywhere from about 18k to 100k+, so you can literally spend as much as you want.