Got a problem and need help, drive pulleys...

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by jae902, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. This is whats going on. The car that i have is a 65 stang. The motor that i have is a 95 gt 5.0 motor. The motor came as a long block, with water pump. The alternator bracket with tensioner is from a 88 5.0. It fits fine, but when i line up the 95 pulley, the tension and alternator sticks out too far. Will this alternator bracket not work, does the 88-93 crank pulley stick out further. I need to get some underdrive pulleys, should i get the ones for 88-93 or the 94-95. What is the difference.
  2. The 86-93 5.0 motors pulleys stick out farther. The 95-95 models do not stick out as far. You can get a timing chain cover and water pump for a 86-93 model and then everything will line up. Or can get all 95 accessories for it.
  3. Did you go fuel inj on your 65? I am working on switching a 66 over to a 5.0 fuel inj.
  4. No, kept it carb. Dang, so i have to switch all of that. Anyone got some 94-95 accessories. If i do change the accessories, is it just the alternator and ac bracket?
  5. Yeah that should be all you need. Just get the 95 brackets and you will be fine. I just got done switching one to the 93 style motor. So it would be easier on ya to get the 95 acc. Hope this helps ya.