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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by badvenomm101, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Just a question for 03 cobra owners,anyone have a problem with their rear end. I blew two covers, now ford won't warranty my rear end.They think I was racing it.

    What should I do??????

    Do I have any legal recourse???????

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  2. Maybe try to take it to a different ford dealership.
  3. You need to have someone look up your vin in the Oasis system (Ford computer tracking system of some sort). Need to see if it's flagged or not. Most likely any other dealer who looks up your vin will notice the replacement of the rear cover on 2 perfvious occasions and will come to the same conclusion. Are you still running the stock goodyear F1's? Reason I ask is because breaking that rear cover takes a good amount of "Hook" in order to cause the cover to fail...

  4. I find it hard to believe that you weren't abusive to the car if you are on your 3rd rear end.
  5. Well he really didn't deny that he was racing anywhere in his post, just that they think that he was racing. :D
  6. lol.. I know.. I was just clarifying before I bring out that "Pay to Play" card.
  7. I don't abuse my car I have talk to three other people who have had the same problem I'm just wondering if I have any legal recourse.....

  8. Even if you did have a legal recourse available to you, it would probably drag on in the courts for a lengthy period of time. We're talking about Ford here. LOL

    Of course, Ford has the burden of proof here, so you'll have to make them show that the failure was caused because of _____ (insert their probable cause here) in order to void the warranty, from a legal standpoint. Make sure there's no evidence of "abuse" (timeslips in the passenger compartment, blatant modifications, chunks of rubber stuck in the rear wheelwells, etc, etc).
    Ford will use these examples as their rationale for voiding your warranty (at the very least, the drivetrain warranty). I'm sure it's happened to a handful of '03 owners already - just run a search over at the SVT '03 board and you'll run across a few threads regarding warranty/breakage.

    In any event, how did the first two rear diff covers fail? Racing? Tires used?
    How did this third rear diff cover fail? Hooking up at the track?
    Three times seems like an awful amount of bad luck're gonna be facing an uphill battle my friend.
  9. Hehe....gotcha. :nice:
  10. I realize its not the best answer, but its at least an answer. To the individual that commented on Ford's oasis system, it takes approx. 180 days for the info to drop from the system. SO, if you can wait that long, let it drop, and take it somewhere else to have it fixed. We have an employee here at the dealership who also has a 03 cobra and he broke his cover at a local dragstrip too. It was covered under warranty but probably won't happen again. He did change his bushings with some replacement ones from Kenny Brown while he was there and hasn't had the problem again. Hope this helps some....