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  1. ...tell me: If I have a breather cap on my engine, would it hurt to undo the line that connects the valve cover to the throttle body. I am assuming that since the car did'nt come with a breather(just an oil cap)this line acts to ventilate the crankcase. So can I just delete it since I have the breather?
    Thanks y'all.
  2. I deleted that too when I did my turbo swap and now it occasionally pukes oil out of the dipstick hole. Did it yesterday and made a hell of a mess under my hood. I think I will hook it up again.

    I would say that if you like a good, clean engine bay leave it hooked up.
  3. yeah, even if it doesn't puke, mine would blow out little tiny droplets of oil that dust would stick to, put it back.
  4. Thanks y'all! I'm going to go ahead and get some cool silicone tubing(just 1', stuffs expensive!) off eBay to do it with!
  5. Don't use silicone, oil eats silicone!

  6. Thanks Red! Though I must admit being bummed out about it, that dark blue silicone tubing looks trick! So I'll just get some standard black vacuum tubing. :nice: