got another stang

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  1. Looks like a good deal. Very clean.
  2. Nice car, great mods:nice: I hope he is talking about the oil going into the intake via the PCV valve and not real blowby, that would meen bad piston rings:notnice:
  3. wow you rich man you ;)
  4. Don't kill yourself.

    Seriously, If I had over 200 hp at your age I would have... 500 hp is a lot to handle and should be taken more seriously than most teenagers can. Be safe.
  5. ya thats gonna be a HUGE jump in power from ur stock stang, be careful
  6. Im just slightly older than him but my car was running high 12s when I was 16, low 12s when I was 17, mid 11s now that Im 18, and I'll put money on it that Ill be in the 10s at 19. Well Im prolly in the 10s now but wont get the slip untill Im 19. The best part is I've never had a ticket or even been pulled over for that matter. The car was slightly wrecked but that was because I was running MT DRs in the rain. I couldn't pull over and she hydroplaned, that was kind of out my hands though :( ..... but shes back and better than ever.

    To the OP becareful that is alot of car comming from what you had. My car got faster and faster over time where your just jumping right in. You've had some bad luck so hopefuly it gets better from here. :nice:
  7. Very nice car mang, take care of it:nice:
  8. Ditch the projectors lights and you have a bas AZZ ride man..!
  9. I think your car is a different story. You have built it and have driven it as it progressed.

    He first wrecked his car making a turn in the rain with stock HP. He totaled his car because a friend rear ended him... I don't think he is running with a very Mature group... and that can be a recepie for disaster.

    Like I said earlier, if I had over 200 hp in my teens I would not be here today. I did not run with the most Mature croud and my 88hp VW Got us all in enough trouble.
  10. OP: What happened to the Stage 3, did you wreck it or sumpin?

    I remember a post a while back but forgot, were you in the accident with someone from 5.0, BK_CAULEY?
  11. jesus, forged block and rotating assembly too. That's serious
  12. That's a nice car man. Well done mods too. Have fun and be safe.
  13. nice car, im jealous haha
  14. A modified engine built up the right way. That seems like a hell of a deal you got. Keep it, and yourself in one piece.
  15. Me too!

    Nice car man, be safe and take care of it for sure. I think those are very tasteful and good looking appearance mods--it's not overdone. I love those Bullitt scoops...
    Looks like it has a pretty stout motor in it!
  16. Dang man , that thing looks like its gonna be one sweet ride. Congrats.:nice: I think Ive seen the car before , or it least has the same seats as one ive seen. Did it have a cobra R front lip on it at one time ?
  17. You'll shoot yer eye out...

    Seriously though, try not to wreck it too quick and try not to die when you do so :nono:
  18. all i can say is PLEASE drive like you have some sense. you are looking at a LOT of HP and that kind of power and teens dont mix well.

    just remember when you wanna drive fast go to a track and dont endanger everyone else.

    i'm glad my parents made me get my ranger when i was 16. i got into enough trouble in it and it was weak as hell!

    it is a very nice car. either your parents really trust you or they dont care about your safety at all. i know my 16-18 y/o kid wont have anything like taht. just be careful