got another stang

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  1. keep us posted!!!!!!!
  2. Is there any way to tell if it realy has a built motor? There is nothing visible on the outside that I am aware of... Even if they provide receipts for the build, is there any way to realy know?

    Again, Good luck and keep her on the road. Don't kill yourself or someone else.
  3. ^ Turn it up to 650RWHP and see if it holds :shrug: LOL Only other way is to drop the could also take out a plug and look at the piston. Should have a nice dish if its low compression.

    Congrats ray!
  4. wtf im gonna go total my **** too.
  5. :rlaugh:

    No please dont. I had about 38K in my GT (including cost new) and ill get around 10K for everything now. High insurance wasnt worth the 12K or so they would pay me. SO yea its not all fun and games....I took a HUGE loss.

    Im not sure about Ray though.
  6. I got 11,400 for my car. I didnt think I would get that much. Got lucky. I cant wait to get this car! =)
  7. I got the car and omg i love it. 10,000 times better than the old one. I'm so satisfied with the car, the power is crazy. Oh and a BOV on a S/C sounds so badass.
  8. Thats what I figured. It might be worth getting one of those snake cams to get in their with a light.


    Where are the pics?
  9. :stupid:
  10. where are the pictures?????!!!!!!?????
  11. im startin to think he wrecked it already
  12. LMAO thats ruthless.. who knows tho, thats a ****load of power. Im 20 years old, and my gt has more than enough power.. I couldnt even imagine how fast that **** is.. dont hurt yourself man. the hardest part will probably be to not show off to all your friends..:Track:
  13. I don't know he really might have? I can imagine not posting pics of it or at least not reporting in on it. Most people just don't stop posting out of no where unless something bad happened.

    Hope not though!
  14. Ray is just buisy having sexy time with it.

    Let the tailpipes cool down first!
  15. +1 on he crashed it - we should start a betting pool lol... :rlaugh:

    jk...hope yer car is OK and you didn't blow it up yet :nice: :flag:
  16. he probably sleeps in it now