got another stang

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  1. I'd like to see some pics myself.
  2. ill get pics real soon. i took the supercharged emblems, procharger stickers, and GT emblem off. I tinted the tail lights... and polished my alternator cover. Thats pretty much all ive done to it since i got it. Tinted windows, 2 12's and possibly nitrous coming soon. :nice:
  3. wow i figured id get alot of replies after i found them...haha, guess not. oh well
  4. Prolly cause you haven't taken any pics of YOUR car how it is NOW :nice:
  5. yea we want to see updated pictures of the car, not postdated pictures
  6. REALLY!!!......... that sucks!
  7. no pix huh? wtf? BOOOOOOO :notnice:
  8. this thread sucks..

    needs pictures bad.. very badly
  9. Maybe he really didn't get it. :shrug:
  10. 3 months and still no pictures??? WTH?

    I had pics of my 03 cobra up like the day I brought her home! That doesnt make any sense to go 3 months without picture hoing your car!
  11. +1

    This has to be the longest most drawn out :worthlesb ever....
  12. :lock: until pics please. :shrug:
  13. Its prolly wrecked already....