Got Another Turbocoupe!

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  1. That's right!!! Another one!! Actually Red25th4Banger and myself went in together on one. It's in rough shape (not roadworthy) but has some good parts still. I need a tranny , 'cause mine leaks fluid through the yoke seal and now whines , and Derrek wants a disc brake rear with 3:55 gears for his turbo Stang. Well that pays for the car right there bt there's plenty of good parts to go yet :D We're pretty psyched. I'm going to polish the daylight out of the 16" wheels. And the hood is going on my XR7 TurboCougar I aquired recently too :nice: . Between us this car will be very usefull.
    Here's a couple of pics. Check out the turbo in two pieces , and the guy tryed to tell us there was nothing wrong with the motor :rolleyes:

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  2. very nice :nice: good luck with the tranny, would you sell the flywheel off of it?? if its a 5spd??
  3. What ya want for that valve cover ??
  4. Parts

    We (Derrek and I) won't know till a little later exactly what we'll sell off it. The fly whell may be a strong possibility seeing I've already got one on my car. The valve cover looks strong to go as well being we've both got a couple anyways. :D We'll let you all know for sure what'll go though. :canflag:
  5. great

    it wouldn't happen to be a blue interior would it?
    Does it have the EQ in it?
  6. Interior

    Actually it's a blk and blue interior and Derrek wants the EQ for himself as well as the front seats for his Stang. :shrug:
  7. lol that about does it for me.

    How about the dash pad?
  8. Dash pad

    That one I'll have to check with Derrek about. Mines in good shape and I think his is too , but gotta make sure before commitment (institutional or otherwise) :lol:
  9. Well you are getting up there in the years. :rlaugh:
  10. Ok OK I walked right straight into that one :lol:
  11. ah ha an 87 you say, want to sell me a computer cheap...seems to be the missing link in my turbo project :o)
  12. Hey guys I see the requests have already started to come in! I hope we can help you guys out with anything we aren't using. The valve cover is a go and I don't believe I need the dash pad eithor. So I think we can help you guy out. The computer is a LA3 and yes it is a 5 speed guys. I don't think we need the computer but I check with Bob to be sure.

    Glad to see this car is going to find a good home helping as many turbo fords as possible!
  13. Ok so far I think this is a partial list of what's spoken for in the car:
    Tranny (bob)
    Rear disk setup (me)
    Eq (me)
    Seats (me)
    Climate control (bob)
    Hood (bob)
    Intercooler (bob)
    Vam (me)
    Injectors (me)

    Flywheel (Lx89Stang05)?
    Valve cover (CruzNlife1)?
    Dash pad (351wcoupe)?
    Computer (mr_woodster)?

    I think everything else is available so if you guys need anything just let us know and we'll se what we can do.
  14. maybe interested in the 5spd swap items like the pedals.
    maybe driver's side door panel.
    I definately need a console top or complete console. the latch is broken.
  15. sweet! well when u confirm that deal on the computer let me know either pm me or email @ i[email protected] about pricing and such :D

    keep it real
  16. If for some reason Wood doesn't pick up that computer, I'd like to be second in line for it.

    Good score on your find Turbobob! :nice:
  17. And if for some reason LX89Stang05 doesn't end up with the flywheel, I may need it - see my thread at the top. :(

  18. good Find

    Thanks 140. I think Derrek and I are going to have a serious powwow on this car to get what we need figured out for sure so that you guys can take advantage of our find as well. Give us a couple of days to discuss and figure it out. I have to check my flywheel before I give the go for that. The dash pad is a go as Derrek said. Valve cover is a go too. And we'll see on the computer.
    Thanks for the great responses guys :nice:
  19. Just curious, how many miles does the car have on it?

    I'm not sure how much disassembly you guys are willing to do, but I need several parts off the engine, if the price is right. Namely, I need the fuel rail, lower intake (if it's less than $20), alternator/power steering brackets (with power steering pump still attached if possible), throttle body, and possibly the distributor too. Also what kinda shape are the taillights in?

    Anyway if one of you guys could PM me with prices/info, that'd be great.
  20. Parts

    OK I don't know about Derrek , but I'm takin names and makin lists :lol: . Like I said in a couple of days we'll know what's what for sure.

    RedLX I got your list and I think you'll be good for almost all of it. It has pretty high milage at 260,000km. Partial disassembly is not a prob for us , we've done it before :lol: The tailights aren't that good. Left is good but the right was replaced with a different one. Not blacked out like the other.And it has a crack too :notnice:

    If you have a need let us know , we may not be using it and let it go :D