Got Beat By A ****ing Neon

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  1. I got beat by the new SRT-4 Neon. I know they are pretty fast but still its a NEON. As you can tell I'm pretty pissed now but my GF made me feel a little better.


    I guess its time to really mod my car. When Monday comes my $500 in the bank goes.

  2. Shoot, an SRT-4 can take many 94-95 cars! Don't feel too bad. However, it does suck that the good 'ole 5.0L can't keep up with the current wave of sporty cars.

    Here are a few cars that will beat or keep up with a lightly modified 94-95 5.0L

    Dodge Neon SRT-4
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII
    Subaru Impreza STi (and even WRX's!)
    Nissan 350Z (any version)
    Acura RSX-S
  3. Yes I know that he spent $13,000 more on his car than me but it still pisses me off cuz its a Neon. I hate losing at anything. I wouldn't have minded if it was a respectable car but its a Neon. O well time to start the mods.
  4. well considering the STi and EVO run DEEP into the 13's they will give new stangs a beating....the SRT-4 is a 13.9 car in real capable hands but in the hands of your average rich kid a mid 14 second car...and the type s in stock form is good for a 14.9 with a good driver....
  5. But you've got to agree that high 14's is still faster than a Cat-back/Cold Air Intake 94-95 GT will do. (Notice I didn't mention gears & pulleys :cool: )
  6. yeah but with pulleys, CAI, TB, gears, MAF, Exhaust, and an intake manfold the only cars on that list that are still beating you is the STi, and the Evo....and ur not gonna run into to many Evos
  7. Those neons are nice...dont feel to bad. THey can cream anything in the sport compact market. And they sell for under 20 grand. You cant really beat that. Just wait till people start cranking up the boost. :owned: If I was looking for a daily driver (my stang is now but I mean if I was to ever pull it off of street duty) I would seriously consider the neon, but 245 ft-lbs of torque @ 3200rpm w/ front wheel drive is not too cool. Wheel spin city...but other than that its a really nice car. But honestly the new fast car trend wont bother me, I'm going to have my DSS 331 in my car in less than 2 weeks :hail2: :drool: :nice:
    BRING EM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flame:
  8. The Evo puts out 20#'s of boost stock and from what I have seen it runs low low 14's to high high 13's. The impreza is a 13 second car for sure. If you knew that you would lose, why race? Because you seem to be mad at the fact that you lost. Well I guess when looking at the bright side you realize that you are now more motivated to mod the stang.
  9. Yeah no way that an RSX is runnin 14.9s mid 15s at best those things are damn slow!!
  10. the STi is an animal. 300hp 300lb/ft and AWD are one hell of a combination. sport compact car recently compared the evo and the STi and ran the 1/4 and got dyno numbers for both. the STi made 257hp and 256lb/ft to all 4 wheels. 0-60 in 4.9 with a 1/4 of [email protected] the evo only did slightly worse but got better handling and stopping figures. the article can be found here:

    i cant wait until next week when i have an STi sitting in my driveway..... :drool:
  11. The next big have for imports in to give their hamsters steroids :banana: , so they can spin their wheel faster. I heard it's good for 20 hp. At least you got beat my an American car :flag: .
  12. i test drove one of those srt-4's and i will be the first to admit that it is fast. but it is still a neon no matter how you look at it. the only real complaint i had about its driveability was the truck shifter it has. its a floor shifter with a stick that is about a foot long. also, trying to go change gears with any sort of speed doesnt work. it will not go in unless babied.

  13. First of all, i would just like to say that i love the 5.0 engine and i am planning on buying a foxbody 5.0 as a project car.

    Anyway, the RSX type S is not a mid 15 second car, it is a high 14 to low low 15 second car. With I H E and hondata chip it breaks into the 13s @ 100 mph. There have been many owners that have broken into the 14s stock. The fastest i believe is a 14.7..

    Quickest ET Type S
    01. 13.154 @ 104.05 - edo
    02. 13.793 @ 102.74 - peter
    03. 13.852 @ 100.40 - jdkindle
    04. 13.977 @ 100.64 - SlvrBlet
    05. 13.996 @ 99.59 - NosTyps
    06. 14.052 @ 101.59 - SunBurn721
    07. 14.063 @ 99.76 - compdoc777
    08. 14.080 @ 98.21 - DigginMyTypeS
    09. 14.081 @ 99.33 - DC5 RSX
    10. 14.085 @ 99.53 - Hegemony
    11. 14.096 @ 100.33 - rsxlerate
    12. 14.128 @ 98.97 - pimplayahustla
    13. 14.129 @ 100.08 - focusblur
    14. 14.131 @ 100.00 - D ROC
    15. 14.150 @ 98.28 - ArCbLuRsXtYpEs
    16. 14.166 @ 98.98 - JIRZLEE
    17. 14.180 @ 96.39 - BlackRsx
    18. 14.183 @ 97.27 - APEXiTypes
    19. 14.183 @ 97.18 - allenP
    20. 14.192 @ 99.46 - aznbeayst
    21. 14.196 @ 99.86 - Inprogress
    22. 14.197 @ 97.80 - MugenHonda
    23. 14.205 @ 100.24 - SSS
    24. 14.238 @ 99.34 - silock
    25. 14.346 @ 96.12 - GSXR

    those are the quickest naturally aspired RSX type Ss on club RSX right now.

    here is the link that has timeslips

    number one on that list has about 3 grand in performance mods.
  14. I also test drove a neon SRT-4 and it was fast. I agree with green 94 5.0 about the shifter. Also when i was putting it in first, It would brush up against the seat. But it had power i was going about 10mph then hit it and spun the front tires it was nice. And it actually had room my dad was up front i sat in the back and we where both comfortable. Then yesterday I test drove an Evo a blue one. Man that was one nice car it was also fast. Mitsu gave me a free fast and furious DVD the new "tricked out edition" for test driving. Its actually not bad, they show you how to trick out your ride, but they actually make it fast so its kind of cool. I wouldnt pay for it but hey it was free :banana:
  15. Man, am I Glad I have a blower now! :banana:

    My Brother-in-law sells cars for DODGE, and we were just discussing this car over the weekend. He says he sold one to a guy that goes to the track and beats up on Mustangs. On top of that, they are rated at 28 HWY MPG's:jaw:

    With this wave of cars and the Ricer boom, Im sure glad I got that Vortech put in.

  16. Oh yeah and don't forget the dyno numbers. A private dealer-bought SRT-4 was dyno tested at 223hp to the front wheels. They are rated at 215 at the fhlywheel by Dodge. :owned:
  17. MadHandle8169...if 500 is what you have....GET SOME 373s....get that hog moving quicker...they'll make a big dif....273s blow !!!!
  18. I saw it on motor week and they are fast. does under 6 seconds 0-60. They are quick with that turbo. It is still a neon, I would consider trading the stang if it wasn't ugly as sin. It being a dodge doesn't help any either. My dads 1990 daytona spioled that for me, what a piece of crap with the 2.5 four.
  19. I wonder if it was on the same dyno that said I had 309 rwhp...

    I saw one running at the track last night, I wasn't particularly impressed. Most of the time a 15 second car.

  20. Let's do the same thing for the quickest naturally aspirated Mustangs on StangNet. (I'm serious).