Got Beat By A ****ing Neon

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  1. I don't care if the Neon runs 10's, I'll never like that fugly car. It's almost as stupid looking as an Echo.
  2. rob, you bet your ass we will be racing as soon as the clutch is broken in.....:cool:
  3. Racing what? You bought a Neon Roger? :nono:
  4. First of all you should probably take that RSX-S off the list...My sister used to own one and it was slow as piss. It is much easier for a stock 94 GT 5spd to hit mid-high 14s then it is for an RSX. Believe me, I tried with both and hit 14.6 with "free mods" on my 5.0.

    As for the SRT-4, it's still a NEON!!! Even if it ran 10s stock and got 60 mpg you wouldnt catch me dead in one of those. I can't imagine picking up a girl in a freakin Neon :rolleyes:
  5. rob!! slap yourself right now for saying that!! i wouldnt be caught dead driving any dodge but a viper. im picking up an 04 WRX STi as soon as the sale of the honda is complete.
  6. Not to completely change to a different car, but what is all the hype about Audi A4's. I go out with my cousin and all his buddys (they are all ricers, I'm the only one who has a Domestic besides his buddy with a Cadillac on 21's). All they talk about is WRX this, A-4 that. I owned an A-4 last night, and they all saw it and said, "oh he must have been a bad driver". Was it a bad driver or are they that slow? He was about 4 cars back from 0-75 or 80.


  7. i raced my friends 95. 5.0 with flowmasters in my stock RSX type S and i won by 2 carlengths and i had to play catchup because of homo fwd.

    Ur sister might have had a base model.
  8. either that was an auto stang...or a bad driver
  9. My sis had the Type S, trust me. It was slightly faster than my GSR...but still slow as piss.

    That 95 5.0 you beat either needed a new tuneup or it was an auto with stock gears. Like I said, I hit 14.6s and I have even seen some better times than that (very rare)

    BTW - A4s are SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWww, nothing to be worried about. Even an AODE stock GT vert with a bad tuneup can take one out.
  10. You played catch up with a 94-95 5.0, RIIIIGHT. If so then the stang was a Vert with a Auto and 2.73 gears that needed a tune up badly. My brother has a GSR and I walk him like no other, its just stupid of how hard I pull. BTW, you are arguing with American Muscle, and you have a little stock rice burner. Not tring to flame, but don't come into this forum with smack talking.
  11. Well let's not jump down this guy's throat. We welcome ALL members here. Plus he is a future stang owner and he doesnt seem like a bad guy at all. Maybe it's just possible the 95 5.0 had a poor driver, needed a tuneup, AODE, whatever the case may be...

    Driver skills play a huge roll in performance of a vehicle. Just look at the C&D/R&T guys when they run newer stangs compared to a more competent driver like Evan Smith. Anything can happen on the street guys, especially with goofy drivers.
  12. I'm very happy w/ the shifter, I dunno. I never have any probs shifting fast, could have test drove the first batch made in Jan, some people have complained about stiff shifting.
  13. Hey come on now, I have a 87 Dakota Longbed. Usefull when the Mustang is apart in the garage :)
  14. First off, a 94-95 GT in coupe with any sort of decent driver is a mid-high 14 second car. Like I've said many times, my cousin's 94GT coupe ran 14.8 at 93mph stock, and with 3.55's pulleys, offroad x, and cat back he ran 14.2 at 97.2mph on street tires... and he NEVER races!!! Hell, I ran 15.2 at 90mph in my then 3800lb vert stock, and that was with 2.3 60's. Had I had some more experience, a 15.0 is within the relm of possibility.

    And I LOVE Dave's idea of the fastest NA thread. It will put to rest what people "think" they know about our cars. Maybe Joe or Hillie can set it up as a sticky. Here's a link to the fastest stock bottom end mustangs on the corral, and its open to all mustangs. Look who is number 38 and carrying more weight than all of the others there. :D

    Honestly, if I had the funds to buy a new car for a daily commuter, I'd definitely look into this Neon. Neon or not, I repsect cars for what they have stock and the potential they have when modded, this is why I LOVE 1st gen turbo DSM's. Trust me boys, when the wick gets turned up on these little turbo 4's, many an eye will be opened I think. I just hope they don't suffer the same engine woes their '80s brotheren did... those turbo 4's were JUNK back in the day... they could be quick, but were JUNK. They used to be all the rage around here when I was 16.. the baddest cars on the street were the 5.0's, and turbo daytona's.

    Ford needs to step with some sort of forced induction in their SVT focus soon to compete. I have a ZX3 now as my daily driver and LOVE the car's looks, handeling, etc, but it has NO POWER at all. If they make a turbo SVT focus... I know I will have found my next daily driver!
  15. Got the new MM&FF yet? On page 20 they have a pic of a red and blue SVT focus and said that there was a visible intercooler through the front air dam, and also a boost gauge visible on the a-pillar, and was loaded down with test equipment.
  16. all wheel drive is awesome for a launch, but it just starts to lose power. i ran a 9.4 at our 1/8 mile track with ****ty traction and the wrx, which was a stick, got a 9.8. awesome launch, crap pull. the sti on the other hand, that thing will pull. and it doesnt discourage me that the stock neons can beat stock 5.0s. our cars are 10 YEARS OLD. take the best neon, which is like almost 300 hp to the wheels, and then take the best stang, which would be the 2003 saleen s281E. that would be 495 hp. theres the stock for stock nonsense. although, the saleen is $60,000. dollar for dollar, the neon is a good price. but you have to be a *** or woman to drive it. the only dodge that is worthy is the viper anyways.
  17. Originally Posted by WhiteDevil
    Yeah no way that an RSX is runnin 14.9s mid 15s at best those things are damn slow!!

    First of all, i would just like to say that i love the 5.0 engine and i am planning on buying a foxbody 5.0 as a project car.

    Anyway, the RSX type S is not a mid 15 second car, it is a high 14 to low low 15 second car. With I H E and hondata chip it breaks into the 13s @ 100 mph. There have been many owners that have broken into the 14s stock. The fastest i believe is a 14.7..

    Quickest ET Type S
    01. 13.154 @ 104.05 - edo
    02. 13.793 @ 102.74 - peter
    03. 13.852 @ 100.40 - jdkindle
    04. 13.977 @ 100.64 - SlvrBlet
    05. 13.996 @ 99.59 - NosTyps
    06. 14.052 @ 101.59 - SunBurn721
    07. 14.063 @ 99.76 - compdoc777
    08. 14.080 @ 98.21 - DigginMyTypeS
    09. 14.081 @ 99.33 - DC5 RSX
    10. 14.085 @ 99.53 - Hegemony
    11. 14.096 @ 100.33 - rsxlerate
    12. 14.128 @ 98.97 - pimplayahustla
    13. 14.129 @ 100.08 - focusblur
    14. 14.131 @ 100.00 - D ROC
    15. 14.150 @ 98.28 - ArCbLuRsXtYpEs
    16. 14.166 @ 98.98 - JIRZLEE
    17. 14.180 @ 96.39 - BlackRsx
    18. 14.183 @ 97.27 - APEXiTypes
    19. 14.183 @ 97.18 - allenP
    20. 14.192 @ 99.46 - aznbeayst
    21. 14.196 @ 99.86 - Inprogress
    22. 14.197 @ 97.80 - MugenHonda
    23. 14.205 @ 100.24 - SSS
    24. 14.238 @ 99.34 - silock
    25. 14.346 @ 96.12 - GSXR

    those are the quickest naturally aspired RSX type Ss on club RSX right now.

    here is the link that has timeslips

    number one on that list has about 3 grand in performance mods.

    my best friend has an rsx-s...i have a 95 stang... i have exhaust/CAI/pulleys/ported lower/and a shifter, and i was right with him at 14.5....him at 14.3. he had exhaust/shifter/CAI/header/hondata chip, ect. they arent that fast..and cost a hell of a lot more $$.

    In the dead of august..track temp over 100...he ran mid 15's...they suck in the heat
  18. I'm glad I don't have to take losses like that :doh:

    Once the new combo is in & tuned, I don't suspect I'll be on the receiving end very much. Well, except for the $$$. You never get tired of getting your $$$ handed to you. :nice:
  19. Me too

    I Hate neon's , thats girly car for ever
  20. havent seen to many of these "fast" neons round here in so-cal just sure i just jinx'd it