Got Boosted For New Year's

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  1. :nice:wierdest sight I ever seen, Santa trying to cram a 88 tc down the chimmney! I encouraged santa to come down off the roof and leave it in the yard. Not sure if it will get parted or driven for a while, gas tank leaks and the undercarriage has a fair amount of rust. I just picked it up today and wedged it in my little garrage to start the triage process on it to see if it will live again. :nice:
  2. Congrats!
    If you want to save it, I have a good 87 TC gas tank you can have for free if you get it. I am in eastern Iowa Near Cedar Rapids.
    Let me know if it would help you!
    Santa brought me an 85.5 Turbo Cougar, but it is sadlt beyond salvage due to rust:(
  3. Hey dan'l Not sure if you saw my thread or not but i have actually made some progress with the motor i got from you. It turns over nice, but the intake was full of oil. The Coolant i drained out was good looking (actually looked new) so i doubt it even has a bad HG. Im glad to see you got another turbo. You may be boosted before me! Ill still give ya a spin just for comparison though :nice:

  4. Svo1-I'll keep that in mind if she gets put back on the road. So far I've shoveled out the interior, played with the power seats,checked the running lights and looked it over good. A lotta rust underneath, but all the lights work and the radiator looks fairly new so I'm still trying to decide if she stays or goes. I left behind a spare tc motor(minus turbo), but the big flake rust on this block makes this motor not worth reworking. What does a rear tc axle go for complete if I end up parting it out?
  5. Dr., I saw your pics last night at work, but the computer was arguing with me. Did you get your engine stand local or mail order? For right now, I'm leaning toward throwing the fuel pump in a bucket of fuel and firing it up before I spend the time or cash to get the fuel tank. I'm trying to post from work again, when I get home I'll fire up my computer to see if this message got through. Last night after work, I dropped the tank and the previous owner was right, the top of the tank was packed with crud and badly rusted.
  6. I bought it at harbor freight (we have a local outlet) it is MUCH nice than the old one that broke, this one has 4 wheels Vs the 3 on the old one. and they are much bigger. This one also bolted together and the old one was held together with U bolts. :notnice: It was only 49 bucks! Hopefully that TC will fire right up, is the body to bad to save or you gonna throw the motor in the 89 or the willys?

  7. I broke down and got an engine stand late last week, not positive, but it's looking like I'll be running the tc (at least long enough to make sure everything works). Svo1-I finally dropped the tank, but haven't found the leak yet. As soon as I figure out if I need that tank, I'll let ya know. It looks like @3or4 hrs one way-not too bad for a parts road trip. Dr. -I'm starting to think about putting a t5 behind the old flathead with a 7+1/2" out back, but for now I have to hear it run before I go hybridding the driveline. :rolleyes: