got bored and took a couple pics of the notch

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  1. Here they are, and i used the eibach pro kit for lowering
    its dirty i know

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  2. right on man, how do you like the springs.
  3. Looks good man.
  4. Nice lookin' car. Where'd you take the pics? Looks familiar.
  5. mmm....white notches..... The only thing I'd the wheels. I usually like ponies, but I think the silver ones are kind of clashing :shrug: . Looks good though!
  6. thanks for the compliments, it didnt really change the drivability and yes roh's will come soon enough
  7. I kinda recognize the background, too. Definitely Arizona ... umm, right?

    Nice pics. I don't go much for lowered cars, but the springs you've got on there do help fill in the wheelwell gaps quite nicely. Any tire-rubbing issues or ground clearance problems?

    And hey, if you're local to Phoenix and you wanna ditch those Pony rims, let me know.
  8. yea this was over on 36st and lincoln/glendale. And yea i dont want to get rid of them but dont know a fair price
  9. Ummm ... four bucks! Sounds like a fair price to me. :D

    I'll PM ya'.

    36th and Glendale's all, like, wayyyyyy the heck downtown. For some reason, I was thinking those pics were taken somewhere over towards Tortilla Flat on Old Apache Trail - awesome photo-shoot spots along that canyon road, as long as you can avoid getting run over while standing in the road to snap a shot or two. :)
  10. i cant decide if i want to leave my side moldings black or make them white with the rest of the car:(
  11. i hate the look of black moldings but only on a white car, the ones on mine came from the factory like that!
  12. Not bad at all. One of these days I'll get around to doing mine (suspension/springs)
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  14. White notches are the coolest :D hehe
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