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  1. This morning I was just stopped in the road waiting to turn left when I see in my rearview a car coming way to fast. I started moving forward as soon as I heard the tires screaching but it all happened too fast and I got rear ended. Luckily the damage is only cosmetic as there are some scratches and dings from the other cars license plate. I got some estimates from a couple body shops and it looks to be about $400 damage. My big gripe is with my damn seats not protecting my neck at all, I swear it hurt and it was only like a 10-15 mph hit. Stupid non-functional head rests, I should sue ford really. Anyway I now am really considering taking the money and putting it toward some real seats. I just wanted to know if any of you have aftermarket seats that at least protect you neck a little from whip lash and also are comfortable as a daily driver. I guess I am looking to spend in the $600 area, prefferably lower as I am still a college student( graduating this spring).
    Sorry for the long post. :(
  2. first thing i noticed when i sat in my car was that the 'head rests', aren't.
    that sucks man but $ for seats is good :)
  3. I was searching Ebay and there are a lot of different seats on there. Anyone have any experience with seats bought from Ebay?? It looks like some of these might be decent or at the very least better than the stupid stock seats. Also, these things don't have to last forever, I plan to buy a used 03/04 cobra or newer GT in about 2 yrs. So give me your opinions on these, I'm not looking to spend $1000 on Sparco or Recaros here.
  4. Were your head rests fully extended or down? I extended mine.
  5. Some of those seats are REAL cheap seats, and over priced. I've seen the 1st 3 links of seats sell for about $100-$150 each, so like $300 a pair. So some of those are overpriced. The bottom two links i've never seen before. Make sure these seats clear the doors, i hear thats a problem with some aftermarket seats...not all, just the cheap ones. Try these if you like those AXE II seats:

    Summit racing has a special on Black Vynl racing seats for $200 each.
  6. I was going ~50 and got rear-ended by a mercedes doing 70+, the whiplash was so bad I found my glasses in the back seat afterwards. The next day, my neck hurt so bad I couldnt ride in a car. The stock mustang seats SUCK!
  7. They were extended. I am 6' 2" so I have to have the seat adjusted just so or there is not room to even reach the brake and clutch. Therefore my neck got no protection whatsoever. I really would like more head and especially leg room and I am hoping that new seats would help this. Also, I thought I heard a while ago that Mach 1s had better head rests? Would it be possible to get just the head rest and replace the crappy stock ones?
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  9. Corbeau thinks to highly of their seats for $320 EACH, i think. :notnice:
    For a few hundred more i'd just go with Cobra Daytona's or Milanos
  10. I know I am going to get flack for this, but my roomate ended up going with Tenzo R's in his probe (t3/t4ed, its not a rice pos)
    And well other than having to do the brackes himself they are really comfortable, perhaps you can get something stiched over the "TENZO R" part...
  11. Something quite similar happened to me in my '96. However, my seat back completely collapsed and the only thing that saved me from hitting my head in the REAR :bang: window is that my left arm got tangled in the shoulder belt... Had a headache that just wouldn't quit too... I hate the stock seats. But I'm stuck with it again in my '03 GT too.
  12. that's harsh man, if you spend the money on seats will you not have ur bumber fix'd?
  13. i wanted milanos, but they are like 1000 bucks a seat...they are so bad ass looking and light weight though.

    i will most likely go with the cheaper recaros or the cobra daytonas...something like that.
  14. holy 2 year old thread batman.

  15. Sorry to hear that bud, glad you are ok. I was in 2 of them last year, both times I got rear ended. I still have pain even with all the physical therapy. I got some money out of both accident but I rather not have any accident and pain. I suggest you get a lawer to take care of bills.
  16. seriously if you guys want luxery and quality interior/seats/legroom etc DON'T BUY A FRICKIN' MUSTANG OR SPORTS CAR. :nonono:

    sorry just had to vent:rolleyes:
  17. This thread is from 2004!
  18. And not too tech at that.
  19. holy sit :) ive been posting on this forum for a long time. never see where it tells you how old the thread is. where is it!!!!?