Got killed again tonight :(

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  1. This time a 84ish V6 Camaro wasted me from a stoplight. He pulled into a Mickeydees and we chatted for awhile. This insanity has to stop.
    What can I do?
  2. Get a turbo.
  3. Turbo swap. I don't even bother to race people at this point for that exact reason.

  4. The insanity is going to stop when you race an '81 4 cylinder Ford Fairmont...well even then you might lose so n/m
  5. Nitrous or a Turbo swap
  6. Drop in a turbo motor and call me in the morning. :lol:
  7. I've raced some cars and beaten them. Lets see...

    92 Saturn
    mid-90's auto Civic hatchback SOHC
    older Prelude
    older Accord
    my old Toyota
    my friends 89 Mustang 2.3
  9. In my neck of the woods finding a 2.3T is a needle in a haystack.
    There has got to be something to spice this turd up.
    I really do believe I have the slowest car in the 1/4 mile that exists :( That hurts
  10. Then get a 5.0. :shrug: There's just not alot you can do to a n/a 2.3 to make it fast. At least not for alot of money.
  11. nitrous-nitrous-nitrous-turbo-turbo-turbo. Or i can tow you behind my t/c so you can at least win one race.
  12. Get a 5.0.....

    No wait a minute, i mean get a turbo!
  13. How about a turbo 5.0 :shrug:

    Throw some forged internals in the 2.3 and run a nice big shot of nitrous....
  14. where is your "Neck" in the woods???
  15. just above my shoulders and below my head :D

    Seriously how much naws can i spray and still be able to drive it home?Guy I racing in Camaro said his ran 17.7 last time at track. Im guessing mine is in high 18s? Will naws get me into the 16s?
  16. I'll answer you when you quit calling it "naws".

    And where do you live?
  17. :lol: I'm with Stinger on that one.

    If it was me I would start with the basic stuff for right now like exhaust and a CAI. (use a Ranger tube header) Once that is done then I would check into nitrous. I would try asking Buff or Mr Woodster since they seem to run nitrous a lot through there 2.3s.
  18. Well what do you guys call it?
    Please help Im desperate
  19. Lets get this started, if you are really serious about wanting to go fast.

    `1: put your location in the "location" box in your profile, also state it here.
    `2: What kind of money are you looking at spending?
    `3: State the model, milage, condition of your car
    `4: What kind of mechanical skills do you posess? (also tools)
    `5: Is your car a daily driver? (i.e how long can it be down)
    `6: never use Nawz seriously, becuase no one will take you serious!
    A: useage such as "naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssszzz" is perfectly ok,due do
    to it acting as a insult to the F&F crowd.

    Answer these questions, we will be able to better assist you in helping to keep chevys in there place (last). :)

    ps: non-F&F hotrod'rs refer to it as Nitrous, n2o, or by the brand name of the kit . Example : NX (nitrous exspress) , Nw (nitrousworks), Zex, NOS ( Nitrous oxide systems). Welcome to the club of knowledge.

    --------- Useage in sentance structure---------

    " Hey guys, my car is slower than a one legged mule, what kind of nitrous kit do you recomend?"

    "Hey guys, that Wet Nitrous Works kit helped out alot, i just out ran a z06!"

    "Ricers bow down to me, i have naaaaawwwzz + stickers on my car!"
  20. "Nitrous"

    NAWWSSS is what they call it in The Fast and the Furious.