Got killed again tonight :(

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by ³à³, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. LOL :owned:
  2. It wont just be 30 hp
    It will be more than your turbo I bet
  3. And btw the 4.2 weighs just 35lbs more than your 2.3T
  4. LOL I would drive to see that would get :owned: sp bad
  5. LOL I would drive to see that would get :owned: so bad
  6. Yeah that's how much the motor weighs...what about everything else..shocks, sway bar, springs, and everything else
  7. Well, you did what you thought was best...I'm just saying there is a reason nobody talks about the 4.2.

    A n/a 2.3 (what you had and I has comparing to the 4.2) is alot lighter than a 2.3T as well.

  8. Why do people have to be so difficult? If you want a little tech help answer the questions because they are being asked for a reason to help you and for them to understand you clearly. There is no need to hassle people are here to help out man.
  9. I doubt he's getting anything done. $50 says his dad comes across some problem and they call the swap off. Then he'll be wanting to know why he didn't beat that '76 bug with his cold air intake and premium gas going in reverse.
  10. i got bat by a 92civic two door this weekend but about a half a car but i beat a 98 exploer also this weekend
  11. ...strip the car down to about 1500lbs (keep the gas peddle). Cheap and fun at the same time and little techy knowledge required. :D

  12. That will only cut 1.5 seconds off his 1/4 mile time...he'll still be in the 17's or 18's...;)
  13. Not trying to be rude!! :bs: but, asking this question on a forum for hmmmm cars is kind of Toolish don't you think?

    Cubes???? Pubes???? Tubes??? Newbs???? Please use the correct terms and when someone corrects you and politely explains the correct terms. Go with that and use them. Please.
  14. You might want to compare the 255 weight to the 302 while you're going there. I'm guessing the 302 could be lighter.......

    BTW, even Ford stopped talking about the 255 real quick. From the ones I've seen, the milage was as bad (and worse) than the 302 and was gutless to boot but most guys fix that problem by putting in a 302!

    If economy and speed are what you're after a turbo 4 is a better choice over either V8. Do your homework, I'm sure you can locate a donar car in your area (where-ever that is). If a SB V8 is what you want, stick to the proven engines 289, 302, 351. Other than that, if the rest of the car is worth $500, fill your boots.

    .....don't know why that kid used that goofy playstation car and not the parts truck to race Vin in FF. :shrug:


    :bang: :bang: :bang:
  15. 3a3 might wanna check if your PC is set up for N.American charactors. Seems your name is coming out garbled.

  16. Well you fools are all wrong. The car is up and running and sounding good. Unlike the pos 2.3 that got replaced that sounded like a fart in a can.
    We have gone for a road test and though it isnt a race car it does pull evenly and will bark 2nd pretty easily. Id bet my left ball it will run in the 15s now. So for less than $800 total invested (without exhaust) I will have shaved over 7secs off the car.
    The V8 sound alone was worth all the busted knuckles.
  17. No proof?
  18. Poof is in the pudding and we don't have any freaking pudding :shrug:
  19. I don't think he can make pudding though.
  20. I on the other hand am Bill Cosby with the jello pudding pops. Now!