Got killed again tonight :(

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  1. Test farted into a can for sound too?

    What size can?
  2. :rolleyes: I agree. Haven't been on in a while, but yeah, I live on the east coast and there are plenty of junkyards around here filled with crap. (The good kind) and they go for pretty cheap, my friend turbo'd his 2.3 recently. If you live anywhere near VA, I might be able to find you some parts for the hook up.
  3. Once you get used to that "screaming" 120hp 4.2 V8, and you will, you'll want more. But, SUPRISE, their are few, if any, mods for it. That cam and carb will add like 20hp, and then you've hit a wall. You'll just have to rip the engine out again to swap in high-compression pistons, ported heads, etc. Then you still won't have the power of a stock 5.0. Then you'll have to run expensive gas to keep the engine from detonating, so your whole MPG theory is in the crapper. Who's the "fool". :rolleyes:
  4. Not a good idea to insult people who are trying to help you out, when in fact, pretty much every single thing you've said in this thread has made you out to look like a retard... Thinking "naws" is the real word for nitrous? I believe your the fool my friend... I'm sad to share the same coast as you..
  5. I would have to agree with this, my car was doing 175 stock and I had to have more power than that so its under construction ;) You probly could sqeeze out 50-70 more hp from mods and engine work but the 87-93' 302 GTs was putting out 225 stock. I would enjoy what little power you got there but I wouldn't drop another dime into it. I would save up my money and look for a 302/351 to drop in there so you can have some real fun :D

    P.s If this motor does 120 stock crap my 2.3L DP does 112 stock :scratch:

    Also this is a help thread and when people offer it try not to call them fools because they may know more than you do. A good example is the 4.2 V8 hell I have never heard of it before now but I sat back and read what people was saying. Now I know a little about it and I really don't think its worth messing with unless the car its in has some kind of family history etc in it that you want to restore and keep ;)
  6. .....I don't think 3a3 heard of the 255 before either (but now he's a pro) so don't feel bad.

  7. I wonder if theres a reason why people haven't heard of this SMF before :scratch: :D
  8. :rlaugh: that is so funny for some reason!

    Enjoy your 4.2 v8! im happy your you can join the 4.2 v8 section! :) ( ;) )
  9. Enjoy your 4.2 v8! im happy your you can join the 4.2 v8 section! :) ( ;) )[/QUOTE]

    You can be "bigfish" there. :rlaugh:


    Now I want a 255 too. Better get the shovel and dig it outta the backyard..........
  10. Hey man I can't wait to do a whole tech section on the 4.2 V8........

    Here goes.
    Step one, Turn Key
    Step two, Put in Drive
    Step three, Drive Off Cliff

    End of Tech section If I have missed a step Please consult the Proper owner.