Got my '03 Cobra, Finally!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by rcaldwell00, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. The dealer dropped her off today. Wow! I went w/ an '03 Cobra Vert, color ended up being Metallic Silver and I love it. Only drove it around the block as the roads here are still slick, but I can't wait for summer. One question, the shifter is farther forward than I remember in my '98 Cobra and I was about to order a Steada Tri-ax because I loved it in my '98, but now I'm thinking maybe not, for those of you that have swapped shifters, what did you go with and do you like it.

  2. Congrats.

    I chose to go with the triax cause I liked the one I had on my 02GT. It works well. Be warned that the T56 puts out a schitload of tranny noise. You'll have to work to keep the sound down inside the interior. With a soft top though it might not be noticeable. Since I put my borla stinger exhaust on and pullied the blower, I can't hear it anyway. :)

  3. Congradulations! I'm happy for ya. :nice:

    Although I don't have an '03 but being the intereior is the same; I thought the position of the shifter would bother me as well, but now I don't even notice it, and I'm really happy with my Triax. :nice:
  4. i want an 03 cobra :(
  5. What he said. I have a Tri-Ax and it is loud as hell.
  6. Pro 5.0 tower shifter with an MGW adjustable handle. No combo better IMO.

  7. yeah

    Yup pro 5.0 wasnt any more noise than stock. The shifter jandle that comes with it makes you reach but IMOP is best for racing.. The MGW is definetely the best for driving around town though. Its the only one that puts the shifter in a comfortable place so you dont have to reach.