got my 2010 gt

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  1. So excited right now. Wife and I were driving around yesterday and I saw a black 2010 GT at maxwell ford. We took a peak at it and drove it around and had to have it. The dealership said it was the first one in Austin so far. It' black on black premium GT with the 5 speed tranny. Also has the upgraded gear to 3.73's :D

    P.S.... If you're looking for one of these in Austin TX talk to Zack Larson. He was great to work with and by far my best car purchase experience (and I have 5 cars now!).

  2. The black helps the rear end I think. Congrats on the purchase.:nice:
  3. Dare I ask what you paid? The inflated sticker, or did they cut you some slack?
  4. Nice car there buddy, or should I call you Zack Larson?

    What was the mark up?
  5. Zack was my sales guy. My name is Brad :)

    FMV mark up was $2K. Sticker was $33.8K plus $2K fair market. After a couple of hours I walked out the door at $34K INCLUDING TTL so I was able to get it just a little below sticker but I had to use my discount from my company. We get a discount on Ford because the company I work for has a deal with them :)
  6. bigger pics please!!!!
  7. I agree with not so much glare ...
  8. So i went to my dealership today and they had 3 2010's in stock, the build quality is amazing on this new mustang. So much better than my 08. It was a premium model i saw, GT, with leather and the works, mach 1000 sound, 33,400 with destination and everything, NO MARKUP AT ALL!!! POWER FORD in TUSTIN CA if anyone is interested. ohhh and that was a AUTO too so take 1,200 off for a 5spd so pretty much 32,400. not bad.
  9. how much is you insurance for the 5 cars you have? lol more then my cars worth proabbly :p
  10. Congrats and welcome to the family.
  11. i live here in san diego CA i went down to the mile of cars and saw 2 new mustangs a gt and a v6 the v6 is nice the gt was the grabber blue it look ugly
  12. Wow Congrats. I think that black is so mean looking. :)
  13. Congratulations, very nice looking GT. :nice:
    One thing I've been curious about is the "tube" that Ford installed to direct engine noise into the cabin. Where is it and what does it look like? Also I read in one of the magazine reviews where an engineer said you can remove some sound deadning material stuffed in the tube to enhance the sound even more if you wanted.
  14. The tube is off the intake right by the air box and goes into the firewall right next to the master cylender. Will try to get some pic (and bigger ones too) Once it gets cleaned back up. We had some rain this morning on the way to service.

    Insurance... Not to bad. I'm married and 30 so it goes about like:
    Alpha H3 Hummer - 70 a month
    02 mustang GT - 40 a month
    85 corvette - 40 a month
    81 corvette - 40

    2010 mustang... thinking it will be about the same as the hummer but will find out Monday.
  15. As you wish :)




  16. looks great
  17. Awesome!!! Is your pony on the grill black chromed?
  18. OMG Slamm that thing some 2007+ BLACK saleens would look insane ! NICE TOY !
  19. Congrats, I bought my Cobra from them too.
  20. Nice Stang does look better in black !!!