Got my baby some brand new shoes!

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  1. Thats Ok Zodiac. I wasnt sure how they were going to look with the Gold Stripe initially. But after I had them put on, I loved it..and still am loving it :D
    To answer your question about the wheels, I was debating weather to go with 255's all around or have 275's in the rear, finally I went with the 275's just because I really wanted the meaty look.

    The ride has changed a little bit, initially i could feel the car being a little heavier, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Since the tires are a lower profile than the originals, I feel the road more, which can be annoying at times, but its not too bad. Overall I dont think the performance has hurt too much, I love the fact that I can take some sharper turns now though.
    Hope this helps.
  2. I could see the pics....I like it..the White is a color I really like on this car and the black n white scheme makes it look sweeeet! :nice:
  3. Yes, your car is an exact twin of Deepinsleep's!! Yours is just of a different color.. Very nice job.. If I saw you on the streets, I would vigorously wave a mighty thumbs up to you!! Nice job.. :nice:
  4. I have noticed both your cars have an appeal that I have so far only seen in Echo7's Mustang..

    The point of interest is in the lower Mustang Stripe, on the sides of the car.. Capped off by a Spoiler, then rounded out with Bullitts.. These 3 things make up the distinct look that you all 3 share..
  5. A distinct look that we share? Would it be considered distinct then :D ? J/k, thanks for the input.

    The pictures are a bit bright, but my car is silver. It does look white in those, but it was a bright day and a disposable camera unfortunately doesn't have any good filters or shutter controls to limit over lighting. I'll take the props though, in the spirit in which they are given.
  6. Other than the center cap the main difference is the offset. These are going to stick out a lot more than mine. The ones I have are a 35 mm offset I believe. They are right for the 05 Mustang. The ones you have in the link are primarily designed for older Mustangs.
    Other than that they look pretty much the same.

  7. He's right about the offest.. Those are 25MM... They will stick out like a sore thumb.. Looking at the car from the back, it will be too obvious..

    Try and stick at the lowest to 29mm or 30mm... Thats the lowest.. Other than that, they will look good from the side, but from the back, your cover is blown..
  8. where are yall getting ur 18" bullitts at? which width are they?
  9. I got mine on EBAY from AFS Wheels, they were pretty good to deal with, had fast shipping too.
    Width was at 9 Inches.
  10. shoes...

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