Got my Black 2010

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by 03GTPNY, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Hey, finally got my Black 2010. I orginally went to test drive a 2008 (new) Shelby GT but while I was at the dealer I asked to drive a 2010. Car sold itself. The interior, ride, ergonomics and fit and finish was much better than the 2008 Shelby.:flag:

  2. Welcome to the club :nice: Hope you love yours as much as I love mine....
  3. Good for you man!
  4. Sweeet ! I love those things. I guess we shouldn't be too surprised about what you say regarding the new GT being better than the 2008 Shelby since Ford took some of the ideas to build this great new machine from the GT500KR. I think this new 2010 is the best since my 64 1/2 - seriously. I do love my convertible though so I doubt I'll get rid of it any time soon. You know how it is when you spend years upgrading things, making it your own etc...I'm too attached to it right now.

    Who knows I may change my mind when my son gets a little older. Time will tell. Maybe even a supersnake, ha, ha ! I know one thing I'll have to do though and that's test drive one as well as the new Taurus SHO, just because I want to see what that TwinTurbo V6Ecoboost and new 6speed man mode trans feels and sounds like.

    Congrats - BIG TIME !
  5. More pics, please :nice:
  6. Agreed. Just go belligerent with the camera please.
  7. Looks beautiful man! Congrats and welcome to the site.
  8. Looks like Black seems to be the "it" colour for these cars. :nice:
  9. Nah, people are just scared to go nuts on them just yet. Wait 'til I get my 2011. :)