Got my cerfificate, is something missing ?

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  1. Got my Certificate but something is missing ?

    I have a 98 SVT Mustang Cobra. Got the Certificate but it just states my VIN#,
    Limited Edition 98 Mustang Cobra Convertible, assembled at Dearborn assembly plant on 12/18/97, this vehicle is #538 of a build of 3480.

    That isn't completely correct, according to what I read, they should have also added that my laser red metallic convertible w/black top and black leather is 1 of 340. Why didn't they state what # of that color ? I saw this part added to someone's certificate, so I'm wondering why mine is different. Anybody have this issue with theirs ? Thanks for the help. I'm about to call Ford about this so any help would be great. Like if yours does state that part as well or if it just states what I got etc... :shrug:
  2. Well, I called up Ford Performance Group this morning and they claim, even though it doesn't specify it on their website, that they only include that information if your car is the mystic color. What kind of bull is that. I've seen one of the certificates with that information on it and was not that color. Now I have to go fishing around and try to find a place that would include that information as well. I did find that there was 340 in 98 that had the converibles with Laser Red Metallic, black top and black leather, so the information is there for them to see. That's a rip off in my opinion. If they're going to charge 40 bucks for these things you'd hope it would be more accurate. I'm including their URL that even states that there certificates come with the color break down and I told the guy that on the phone and he said it shouldn't say that. I WOULD NOT BUY ONE FROM THESE PEOPLE if you can avoid it. I'm going to hunt around and try and find another place that does this. If you know of a place please post it here. Thank you !
    Ford SVT Owners Certificate | Production Sheet | Ford Show Parts
  3. I have not been able to find another place that does this. So..I'm going to report them to the better business bureau. I'm glad I took a snap shot of their website when I did just in case they try and have a web admin change what it reads. Sorry Ford Performance Group, but you asked for it.
  4. OP - FWIW, SVT has never included the more specific "interior/exterior color breakdown" info (unless otherwise noted for special paint vehicles, such as Mystic or Mystichrome IIRC).

    Several Mustang enthusiast websites, such as Yellow Mustang Registry and others (off the top of my head) are/were good at posting the more specific interior/color breakdown numbers for those who truly care how rare their build is (interior/exterior color, etc).

    I wouldn't get too bent out of shape over it, but I suppose SVT should include that information for those who are paying the $40 fee for the certificates nowadays - :shrug: If only the original owners passed along the original build certificates to subsequent vehicle owners, damn them! :doh: