Got My Christmas Present!!!

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    My wife is off the hook and I got what I wanted. She had NO IDEA what air compressor to get me, and she sure as h3ll cant carry it, so she told me to get it. With my Walmart Discount, was $199.00...And about $60 for some good accessories.

    NOW......BEFORE, you all say "hey, RC is finally gonna learn some mechanics", the main reason I got it was to use the sander for some polishing and inflate the tires :nice: :rlaugh:

    Actually, Vib and Rog are gonna come by to do my intake gaskets for me (and teach me too), and I thought I would get this to make life a little easier for them.
    (and give us more time for beer afterwards)

  2. Did you use the 20% off Thanksgiving bonus thing? I spent mine on some tires for my Explorer.

  3. I usually wind up buying my own presents too...LOL
    Monday i'm going to look at DVD recorders, i've ordered a RC helicopter for myself already and i've been looking around for what to get for my stang :nice:

  4. RC Heli... :nice: Cool, you ever fly one before? always wanted to try one...
  5. Nope. I've had tons of R/C's over the years, mostly cars/trucks, but i've always wanted a heli and finally ordered one. It's only a mini electric heli which is usually called an indoor/outdoor heli because they tend to fly better indoors than out..LOL (because they are so light and the wind blows them around somewhat)
    They're relatively cheap compared to larger nitro heli's, and are cheaper to fix. This way i can try it out and see if i'm into helis or not. If i am i'll get something bigger/better down the road.
    Got it from

    Sorry for the post jacking
  6. looks like mine, but mine is red. Now you can fix the tranny leaks yourself.

    When is the intake install taking place. I have to be there? Please dont make it a saturday.
  7. Do you have a pneumatic gun too? That makes things much easier!

    Priceless when installing my clutch.
  8. Yea, an impact gun is priceless when you need it, and it makes taking wheels, etc off way easier too.

  9. Jake...H3LL yeah, I used myu 20%!!!

    Jose...It WILL be on a Saturday almost for sure...Maybe slight chance on a Sunday.

    MO Dingo...Didnt get the gun yet...Today, just got the wrench, blower, tire inflator, and hoses/connectors.

    Quick5 and Rio: Stop Hijacking MY thread!!!! :flame: :D

  10. Sorry dude...If it makes you feel better i always wanted a Blue compressor...... :hail2: But i have a soft spot for RC stuff...
  11. :shrug: It was Rio's fault, i swear he's the one who started it....i'm gonna tell mommy on you...LOL J/K

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    PS Rio: You should see the r/c car i have....1/6 scale gas powered buggy :banana:
  12. RC....mines bigger than there.... :D any pics???? I almost scammed on of those RC 95 Cobras that Ford sells...there sweet looking...

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  13. Looks good and I'll put it to use soon.
  14. RC is going to want to kill me after all of this post jacking so if i disappear you know what happened..LOL :owned:

    RIO: Here ya go

    Here are some REALLY bad small vids of it. Its called an FG Marder, 1/6 scale 23cc two stroke motor.

    Marder idling

    Taking off

    High speed run

    Small jump

    Another Marder video

    Yet another...

    And another...

    One more...

  15. A couple of pics
  16. :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:
    :lock: :lock: :lock:
    :rlaugh: :lol:

    Ok Joe...Im a waiting...

    BTW...How hard/easy would it be to install an ELEC Oil Pressure Gauge once we take the engine apart? It may not be a bad idea to have one in there..Huh?

  17. Quick5pnt0...thats things the chit... :D Tough little mother to drive....never seen that type before...

    Sorry RC....didn't intend to jack your post.... :nonono:
  18. Rob- installing the electric oil pressure is super easy to do. All you need to do is remove the stock oil pressure sender which is right beside the oil filter towards the front of the car. You remove that then install a straight fitting then a 45* fitting and then the new oil sender that comes with the guage. Thats it. I can help you when we do your intake.
  19. Good...Then Ill get a Dual A-Pillar Pod, and I guess I can use the same electrical currents as the water temp gauge on the same pod.

  20. Merry Early Christmas! Awesome buy. You want to know what sucks? You could literally spend just as much on good accesories for your compressor.

    TIP: Get a good gun; something with about 500 ft/lbs of torque to put out and 1/2" drive. Of course get your air wrench also (3/8" drive) in addition to your other accesories.

    Oh and also, you mentioned that Vibe was coming over to help you change out your intake gaskets-yeahhhhhhh, don't use your compressor for that :nono:. Hand tools and a torque wrench.