Got my FF on3performance turbo kit!

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  1. just got it yesterday! so far im very happy with the quality of the kit! the hot side piping is all very think and welded nicely! the headers are also very good quality, thick with nice welds!


    single waste gate, ive seen some with dual smaller waste gates, i like thesingle 50mm tho


    DS header

    PS header

    Nice flanges and welds!

    here you can see the thickness of the tubing used for the headers!




    all the parts, WG, BOV, oil filter relocation ect. and boost gauge


    Master power T76 polished:D

    Down pipe

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  2. its like xmiss!!! but i never got anything :(
  3. Damn those headers look nice...didn't see them In the pics from yesterday and I was curious what they looked like...

    You gonna to a have to do anything for it to clear your k member or should it be good to go?
  4. So what you using the nail polish and foot lotion for???
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  5. *chanting*

    Install Thread...

  6. nope! this kit was designed with the UPR K member!

    :rlaugh:it my sisters old room, we just use it for storage and stuff now, i didnt even nitice that tho!!:lol:
  7. Holy shiz.....
  8. ****!

    That's bad ass man. I read you were thinking about going turbo, but I didn't know this soon. I'm really impressed with the new FF kit... was doing a lot of reading on it, and it's going to be bad ass. Nice step up over the original.
  9. Your car is really going to move now!!!! What trap speeds are you hoping for?
  10. That **** is going to ROLL now! 130+ mph is my guess.
  11. Thanks guys! im very pleased so far and should have the hotside mocked up this weekend

    im hoping to be in the 126-128+ trap speed range, if not better (best trap N/A was 115) it should make damn good power with the ported heads, stage 2 turbo cams, edelbrock victor/6061 upper setup and it will be on E85

    considering it made 330rwhp/310rwtq N/A on 93 octane, it should be an animal on 8ish LBS and E85
  12. mother-of-god-super-troopers.jpg

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  13. Definitely gotta see how it's all setup.... If what I'm seeing is the y-pipe from the headers to the rest of the exhaust, is it tiny or is that not the part that I think it is?

    Is that typical? I'd have thought they they would open into a larger pipe since both exhaust banks are coming together.


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  14. It's probably a single 3" into a dual 2.5" exit. You may be used to seeing a more typical 3.5" into a dual 3"
  15. Yeah... it's probably larger than it appears in the pic too.
  16. cant wait to see this was looking into doing this tax time with my 00
  17. its 3" from the turbo all the way to the Y where it splits into 2.5, a 3" down pipe is normal size, especially considering 4.6L are only 281 cubic inches, its not a very big motor at all

  18. I get ya. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing together. You getting dyno-tuning lined up after the install?
  19. thanks, it will be getting tuned, but i still need to do the whole fuel system, im going with a aeromotive A1000, sumped tank, -10 feed, -8 return, siemens 80lb injectors and im not sure on a MAF yet but ive been looking ito a SCT big air
  20. YIKES! @ 80lb injectors. What HP do you expect to make?