Got my FF on3performance turbo kit!

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  1. Im hoping to get the ff setup after tax return season baby
  2. i want to fuel system to be able to handle 800+ on e85 so im just going big the first time and wont have to worry about it, E85 uses 30% more then gasoline also, so if a system can support 1000ish hp on gasoline, it can only handle 700ish on E85
  3. Supras and Terminators LOOK OUT! Here we come :)
  4. go the hot side mocked up today! it all fits GREAT!

    driver side

    passenger side


    merge pipe



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  5. Looks awesome!

    I have a 95mm pro m mass air meter if you want it..its calibrated for 42# injectors and was used on a turbo set up I had for a few months...can be reprogrammed for 80# injectors if needed...

    Its been in my cabinet in the garage for about a year now so it should still be fine...I was gonna use it for this car but you and Ryan seem to be beating me to all the performance stuff lately and I still got a lot of suspension to do before I get to the turbo install on this car
  6. how much everything cost witht the chomeoly setup and everything so i can see what im up against probably going to go with the 70mm, and that looks bad ass and is coming along well
  7. Good looking setup. I have heard of a few peoples running the ON 3 kit's. It seems like everyone is having a lot more luck with the new FF kit vs the old kit's. Time to switch to an auto if you want the best times out of that car.

    Not trying to be a negative Nancy, but be prepared to buy a new wastegate. That is the one thing I have saw time and time again with the On 3 kit's, is that the wastegates seem to fail often.
  8. i have $2700 in the kit and the turbo, on3 does not deal with master power anymore so i ordered it separately.

    yea the new FF kits are mile's better quality and fitment then the old kits, honestly i dont think the fitment could get any better! and all the pipes look good and are thick! so will see how it holds up! and ive throw around the idea of going to a 4R70 with a manual valve body, stall, shifter ect, :hide:

    ive already been thinking about the waste gate, thats not a big deal to me tho.
  9. got the oil filter relocation on today, i made a bracket the comes off a tranny bolt:nice:



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  10. You sir are very skilled at what you do! :nice:
  11. It was 2700 with the kmember kit?
  12. Check out ProMaf guys, Im running one of there mafs and my tuner enjoys it. Make sure to run a blow-through setup;)


    Also if you run a SCT big air your going to have to put the maf in front of the turbo and have to run a bypass valve. Running a blow-throught setup you can run a blow off valve and the air will be metered after the turbo.
  13. No, ive had the K for a year or 2 now

    yea i was planning on running a blow thru setup, thanks i didnt know that about the SCT big air:nice:
  14. O Ok thanks looks new lol
  15. Now you have a cluttered engine bay :stick:. That car is going to fly through the traps, very nice job on the oil filter relocation, super clean looking. I wish I had your skills.

    Every turbo build I see makes me want one even more, can't wait for some finished video's (please make them).
  16. haha thanks! i hate clutter! yea im hoping it traps good considering it went 115 on motor, and i should be adding 200ish rwhp, shooting for 525rwhp :nice:
  17. :poo: just got real! Go with an auto, if you dont your ghey j/k. (autos be lovin the bewst)

    You gonna drop the compression at all? 80lb injectors sound right for e85, and yes please use a blow-through meter as they are much better to tune on.
  18. Thanks! im really consider a auto... ive ridding in a few cars in the last few weeks with built auto's i really like it, one was a ls1 camaro with a turbo 350, and the other was just a 04 gt with a j mod and shifter, and that baby was banging gears pretty good!

    nope!:D not doing anything to the bottom end..... just yet! thats why im going with e85 to stop any detonation that might happen, and ive been looking into the HPX MAF
  19. Real cars have 3 pedals! Haha just kidding dude! Get that thing multiplying atmospheres!