Got my FF on3performance turbo kit!

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  1. destroying clutches every week gets old! e85 will not detonate, it just wont lol. Its awesome :poo:!

    We hit 24psi on a stock 5.0 bottom end last year with 20deg of timing up top, and nothing happened on corn fuel. plus it will spool faster becasue of the denser air charge.
  2. Do you need aftermarket A arms for the kit to fit? I'm trying to save money by using the tubular K member with stock control arms. What brand K do you have?
  3. i have a UPR K, im pretty sure you have to run the A arms and coilovers, the passenger side wouldnt work without the coil over kit
  4. Man this kit has me interested.... I was planning on a SC soon. Thats not badly priced. I'd like the tubular K member anyway. Keep us updated!!

    If you want an Auto, Im doing the opposite swap in the spring. I have all the parts ready. I'll be selling the complete 4R70W package (down to every nut bolt and wire). It has 50k miles, transgo shift kit, fluid changed every 20k.
  5. Ya im still waiting for some more pictures to I want this kit soooooo bad. garg
  6. here you go! 99% done and ive put about 15 miles on it so far:D




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  7. nice man u get it tuned yet and when i get mine done it would be ok to drive untuned to get it tuned right? and you need to post up some videos of how it sounds and some 2nd gear pulls
  8. and did u get the headers coated they arent black anymore
  9. no its not tuned yet, so ive just been driving it with the cold air intake still on it, lol i still need to finish the whole fuel system, sumped tank, A1000 pump, -10 feed, -8 return and 80 lb injectors, and a HPX MAF

    i just used VHT header paint for now, the stuff works pretty well! lasted for 3 years on my LT's, i will be getting the headers and turbo hot side coated in a few months, just didnt do it right away with all the money i spent on the kit, best price i found was $325 for the coating

    here's the only video i have so far, just idle and a few little rev's
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  10. dang man thats super sweet cant wait to see finished product. keep up the good work
  11. WOW! Sounds amazing! Love the little spool!! I bet you cant wait to romp on her for the first time?
  12. what size drain are you running on the turbo? the bigger the better if you are running a high volume pump.
  13. Very time to do the coronet :D
  14. you can run the stock A arms
  15. thanks guys! and yea i cant wait to dent the floor with my right foot when it's tuned!

    im running a -8 return line, thats a good size right?

    thanks! that bish would need twin 76's! 440 cubes is alotta motor to feed!

  16. That would be a damn nasty set up though
  17. Should be good, Im running a -10 on my 62mm, no issues with oil.
  18. Where is the air filter located?
  19. usually it just goes right onto the turbo, but i dont think think in going to run one. if you run a filter on a turbo it has to be a BIG one, or it puts stress on the turbo fins, i dont drive enough it worry about it​