Got my FF on3performance turbo kit!

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  1. Maybe you can get a pre-filter kinda thing thats very high flow, just to keep the worst of it out?I dont drive many miles either, but I wouldnt want all the crap on my air filter going through that nice motor of yours.

  2. Where did you hear about the stress? Curious thats all, since all the turbos I have dealt with, even huge ones (2.8inch inducer @65psi boost :)), all had filters.
  3. ive always heard that and have been told that. what size filters were those car's running? if you do run a filter on turbo its best to run a BIG one, like a good size K&N, but most turbo setups dont have much room to work with, so people end up running those small pancake filters, and being so small they dont have alot of volume in the filter it self causing stress on the turbo
  4. Look like you could fit one of those big cylindrical K&Ns in your setup
  5. put some screen over it and be done.

    Why no dyno sheets yet! its been like a week! lol
  6. Had a friend put a screen over his turbo on a GSR integra, the screen got weakened and then broke and got sucked up and destroyed his fully built engine. Might only be a Teg, but he put a ton of $ into it to be able to hit 375fwhp.

    I know ON3 were able to position a larger filter on the 2v setup, whats preventing this on the 4v?
  7. I drove 88 miles a day, 5 days a week for over a year with no filter and no issues. BTW the intercooler and turbo would stop any big items and rocks getting to the engine. I would not run one if you dont have too.


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  8. everyone say's the same thing about it! i actually know a guy who broke a fin off the compressor wheel, good ol' inter cooler stopped it:nice:

  9. The filters that were run on the turbos where created here, That way you can taylor it to fit where you want it and flow too, pretty sweet but not that cheap (65 bucks or around there). However, neither are turbos.
  10. is till gotta finish the whole fuel system:notnice:

    the 2v and 4v have different upper radiator hoses, the 4v runs closer to the inlet of the turbo
  11. Just get one of those screens that go over the turbo. Itll stop all the big :poo: from getting in.
  12. hey did the kit come with the boost gauge or was that extra?

  13. No it didn't, i ordered it from summit :nice:
  14. Nice looking set up man. Good Job! Been looking around at a few different kits to go forced induction and this looks pretty good. can't wait to see thos dyno numbers
  15. So does it look like it will clear with a tubular k member and coilovers but stock a arms?
  16. no, btw if invest the money on a k-member just do the whole thing. I can tell you this, there is only one turbo kit that I know of that you can run w/ the stock k member and its the "spyder turbo kits" Im not sure if they even make them anymore.
  17. it might if u have coil overs, but why not just invest in the tubular A arms also is u have the k member and coil overs?????
  18. the web site is not there any more so i dont think they do i wanted one of them so bad
  19. every things pretty much done, just been doing so small stuff, for some reason i never received the "turbo support bracket" when i got my kit. but i saw pictures of it that people had posted and it look cheap and flimsy. so i made my own!





    made it out of 3/16 steel plate, all i have to do is clean it up a bit and paint it, that B$%^H is strong too:nice: